Top Retail Dispensary Ranking For August 2022

Top Retail Dispensary Ranking For August 2022 Instead of voice search for the closest marijuana dispensary to me, just follow the Leaf List ‘most honest dispensary ranking’ in the world!  We never are paid to rank cannabis dispensaries in Las Vegas!  These top Leaf List Dispensaries have been visited by our Team members.  We have […]

The First Cannabis ‘Speakeasy’ Is Coming To Las Vegas

The US banned the sale and consumption of alcohol from 1920 to 1933. Prohibition inspired — among many, many other things — speakeasies where illegal alcohol was sold. Now, 85 years after the end of Prohibition, a cannabis company is piggybacking on the popularity that speakeasies still have. The first “cannabis speakeasy” is opening in […]

Is “Cannabis” the Preferred Word Instead of “Marijuana”?

Pot, Mary Jane, devil’s grass, dank, ganja, bud, cheeba, reefer — the list of various different slang terms and ways to say weed go on and on. But there’s one word that is a point of contention and controversy, and it might surprise you: marijuana. But, as you might be thinking, wouldn’t this be a […]

Give Yourself The Gift of Cannabis This Year

If you are looking to get yourself a little treat this holiday season, then cannabis could be the way to go. This could be something that you never thought you would try, but now you are looking to give it a go because you have heard about all the benefits it could potentially have for […]

What is Microdosing? The Future of Medicating with Marijuana


Quite possibly the very first to recognize the powerful potential of microdosing was Albert Hofmann. Alber Hofmann was the Swiss scientist behind the well known psychedelic drug, lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD). Before he died in 2008 at the ripe old age of 102, Hofmann spoke with the founder of MAPS, Dr. Rick Doblin, signaling that […]

Las Vegas ReLeaf March Staff Spotlight: Eric McCray

las vegas marijuana dispensary

At Las Vegas ReLeaf, we are very the first marijuana dispensary in Las Vegas. Not only that, but we’re the best Las Vegas marijuana dispensary. Why? Because we have the most incredible staff working here. So here’s another staff spotlight, celebrating the work that Eric McCray has done while working here. Eric McCray: the Marijuana […]

Quick Guide to Medical Marijuana Tolerance Levels

Medical marijuana, like any other medication, can build up tolerance in its users over time. The more you use something, the more you need to use it to feel the same effects as the first time. This rings true with painkillers, alcohol and even marijuana. So what’s the difference of tolerance levels to cannabis? Marijuana […]

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