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From Coffee to Sparkling Water to Punch

If you’re a fan of edibles, you might also like the idea of cannabis drinks. Just like cookies or brownies, cannabis beverages are the most sought after edibles because of their relaxing and calming effect. These liquid drinkables have been used for the past millennium. However, it’s surprising how remarkable they have been revolutionized in the 21st century. At ReLeaf, we carry an all exclusive product that infuses both cannabis with craft quality beer. Cognitive Brands allows for a new way to consume cannabis right here in your local Las Vegas dispensary. Try our Creative Waters brand cannabis-infused sparkling water, a new way to experience THC in every refreshing sip. We also carry a variety of flavorful Uncle Arnie’s beverages containing 100mg of THC for relaxing fun!

What are Cannabis Drinks?

Cannabis drinks are beverages spiked with CBD are mostly intended to help you relax and meditate without feeling intoxicated. CBD drinks allow you to use more ingredients to spike them, unlike the THC infused drinks. These drinks contain CBD extracted from the hemp plants popular for insignificant levels of THC compared to CBD levels. Consuming CBD drinks relaxes your body without causing any psychoactive effect. This makes it suitable to infuse with coffee, tea, juices, soda, and alcoholic beverages.

Cannabis drinks include spirits, and other non-alcoholic drinks such as tea, soda, punch, juice, and coffee.

How Do They Make You Feel?

Consuming drinks in public is more comfortable for some people than smoking. It’s also environmentally friendly unlike vaping or smoking in the open.

Edibles have to go through your digestive system to take effect which takes longer than vaping or smoking. There is no exact answer to how long it takes for effects to manifest. But depending on variables such as gender, weight, eating habits, and metabolism rate, it will take 30 to 90 minutes for the effects to occur. These effects are much long-lasting, with optimum experience happening 2-4 hours after ingestion.

It is not easy to get high when you consume a cannabis beverage. However, it has anti-anxiety and pain relief properties which help to relax and calm you.

High-quality cannabis drinks Las Vegas deliver profound benefits to the body. It treats numerous diseases such as epilepsy, reduces inflammation, and improves your mood.

Shop Weed Tea and Other Refreshments at ReLeaf

Different lines of Cannabis drinks in Las Vegas are making waves, giving cannabis consumption a unique look. Different dispensaries offer different brands of cannabis edibles. However, at Las Vegas ReLeaf, we can help you discover the right cannabis drink for you.

When in Las Vegas, there’s no better time to try something new. If you want to try out a cannabis-infused drink, stop by our cannabis dispensary. You can shop online or in-person. We offer free curbside pickup in the Las Vegas area.

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