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Buds & Nuggets

In our Las Vegas dispensary, our cannabis comes as pills, as tinctures, buds, nuggets, and as edibles. You can dab it, drink it, spray it, and rub it in as a cream. You can wear it as a patch. You can put it in your bathwater and soak in it. You can spread cannabis on your pancakes as butter and then pour more cannabis on them as syrup. What a time to be alive.

But when all is said and done, many still feel that “old school is the best school.” The appeal of flower cannabis is undiminished. There’s just something about lighting up a joint, a blunt, or a bong and Feeling The Burn. There’s something about that smoke, especially as the flavors of cannabis multiply. Finally, for many customers there’s just no substitute for cannabis flower when it comes to sociability, for the timeless pleasure of passing the weed around. If you’re looking for marijuana flower near Las Vegas, we’ve got you covered. Shop online or come into our store today. 

Recreational vs. Medical

Many people use Marijuana Flower in Las Vegas for recreational purposes, but many others are drawn to its demonstrated medicinal effects. Those who use cannabis recreationally wouldn’t be surprised to learn that it is used to treat appetite loss, but it also treats pain, Crohn’s disease, cancer, glaucoma, and much more. The medicinal efficacy of marijuana had a lot to do with why both kinds of cannabis have become legal in Las Vegas, and are available at a dispensary near you.

Cannabinoids are the active ingredients of marijuana that induce its effects on the human body. Of these, THC is most responsible for that familiar marijuana “high,” while CBD is most responsible for marijuana’s healing properties. The medical use of marijuana has a surprisingly long history, going back to ancient China, Egypt and Greece. In the US, its medicinal use is older than most know; marijuana was even listed in the US Pharmacopeia from 1851 to 1941.

Types of Cannabis Strains

One of the pleasures of visiting a dispensary is exploring the sheer variety of cannabis strains available. Consistent with this town’s reputation for offering a diversity of entertainment options, we also offer many flower strains at Las Vegas ReLeaf for every occasion. Of all the strains, there are three main types: Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid. Learn more about each type below:

Sativa refers to the high-energy, open-eyed, visionary type of high. The sativa high is what keeps you up all day and night writing poetry (or your thesis, or business proposal). It’s energetic and trippy, you’ll babble a mile a minute, and when you tell your budtender you want sativa, they’ll know that’s what you’re looking for.

Indica is the calming, chillaxing side of marijuana. It’s the type that takes the world off your shoulders and loosens your tie. Indica is there to help you zone out.

Where sativa is called the “head high,” indica is the “body high.” Smoke it late at night and you’ll likely go to sleep. Indica is the weed that gave marijuana users the perhaps-unfortunate nickname, “stoners.” Such is the legend of indica.

Hybrid, then, is something between sativa and indica. Of course, here’s the trick: almost every kind of marijuana is somewhere between sativa and indica.

Typically, sativas and indicas are ranged between 100% (which is rare) and 60%/40%. Anything more balanced than that is referred to as a hybrid. Many find this the best of all worlds.

Whatever type of high you’re looking for, we have a marijuana flower for you.

Shop Now for Cannabis Flower

Here’s a promise: this doesn’t scratch the surface. There’s so much more to see. If you want the full range of Marijuana Flower near Las Vegas, you don’t want an article on a website. What you want is a budtender, in a modern, safe dispensary environment, ready to walk you through the wonders. Come into our dispensary near the Strip or shop online. We offer curbside pickup.

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