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Oral Cannabis Drops

Cannabis tinctures are a combination of alcohol and ground cannabis. The cannabis is left in the alcohol to steep until the compounds in the cannabis product are infused into the alcohol. Then the cannabis remains, such as flowers, are filtered away and the alcohol is saved for dosing as desired.

For those who do not wish to smoke, and wanting to use something more medicinal, tinctures could be the best choice for you. They can be taken orally or topically and can contain THC to give the high and CBD that can help aid numerous aches and pains. They’re made with simple and organic ingredients giving it great taste and soothing effects.

What Are They?

Tinctures are a combination of decarboxylated cannabis product and edible grade high-proof alcohol. The decarboxylation process is critical as it renders the compounds in cannabis usable by and accessible to the nervous system. Raw cannabis flowers contain plenty of compounds, but they’re not yet activated.

If you want to make your own tincture, you’ll need

an edible grade, high-proof alcohol
a clean jar with a tight-fitting lid
a coffee filter
Grind the decarboxylated product to a fine powder, and mix 750 ml of the alcohol per ounce of cannabis flower. Let this mixture steep for a few weeks, but shake it every day so all the particles stay exposed to the liquor on all sides for at least part of every day.

How to Use a TCH Tincture

THC and CBD tinctures can be added to food and beverages. Once the product has been ingested, be aware that the product has to be absorbed by your liver to have an effect.

There are ways to put this time-lapse to work for your benefit. If you’re using cannabis products to manage symptoms from chronic pain to anxiety, you can take an initial dose under the tongue for relief in 15 minutes that will last for two hours. For those who use the products for pain management, especially if chronic pain impacts sleep, four hours of this high can be life-changing.

For those who need the therapy benefit of cannabis but struggle with nausea, a tincture can be the difference between chronic illness and a path to health. Users may need to mix their alcohol tincture in a bit of fat for best absorption if they can’t tolerate the product under the tongue.

There are a number of benefits to a combined tincture of CBD and THC. If your condition or current therapies are causing extreme nausea, a sublingual dose of medical marijuana can make it possible for you to consume food within an hour of your dose.

Tinctures can also be a low calorie way to get a discrete dose of product. A quick dose under the tongue will make itself felt in around 15 minutes, so you’ll know the strength of your tincture quickly and whether you need to up the dose, lower the next dose, or change your dosage methodology.

Best of all, once you find a tincture product or DIY methodology that works for you, you can avoid smoking the product and the accompanying stoner smell. While cannabis products are becoming more mainstream, the odor of weed is still troubling to many users. Cannabis tinctures remove the risk of odor, provide a quick result, and can either be micro-dosed during the more productive part of your day or enjoyed more fully as you relax before bed.

Tinctures can be transported easily within the confines of a bag or a purse. Make sure that if you buy a new container of tincture that you keep it sealed should you be driving. CBD products are legal throughout the 50 states, but any product that contains THC can cause legal problems. Additionally, a sublingual THC dose will head directly into your bloodstream and will show up on a blood test.

Find High-Quality Weed Suspensions at ReLeaf

You can find quality cannabis tinctures with carrier oils for a shorter dosage time or just the infused alcohol for a longer dose time. Both products, when placed under the tongue, will absorb quickly. Contact Las Vegas ReLeaf at 702-209-2400 or stop by at 2244 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, NV for a tour of the shop, the products available, and information about our suppliers. We also offer online ordering with curbside pickup in the Las Vegas area.

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