Cannabis Strains And Its Types

Understand the Differences in Marijuana Varieties

Strains of cannabis marijuana describe the different varieties of the cannabis plant. Many different strains are available at regular medical marijuana dispensaries, like Las Vegas ReLeaf. These varieties can be purely indica or sativa and include the different hybrid varieties as well. The term “strains” commonly refers to marijuana grown medicinally and recreationally, not to describe what is known as hemp, which is used for fiber and seed.
With likely over thousands of different types一or strains一of marijuana, growers are able to cross sativa, indica and hybrid strains to create new varieties, and they do so often. These different combinations of strain types can provide additional medical benefit for medical marijuana patients with very specific and varying symptoms. Growers usually choose the name of the new strain they are growing as well, which explains why there are so many different and seemingly random names for different strains, like the Michael Phelps OG or Jack Herer. Explore the different types of marijuana strains and their therapeutic benefits below.


Hybrid strains of cannabis marijuana consist of crossing two other strains of marijuana. Hybrids can be created by crossing both indica and sativa plants, providing users and medical marijuana patients with the best of both worlds. Each hybrid created is used for treating various conditions with both sativa and indica benefits, which is why hybrid strains are so popular in medical marijuana dispensaries.

Hybrid strains are considered indica-dominant, sativa-dominant or an even-hybrid, depending on the mother plants being crossed and the effects they provide. For example, a sativa-dominant hybrid strain creates a cerebral high that is good for stimulating appetite while reducing pain and providing a body relaxation. Indica-dominant strains provide full body pain relief with a relaxing head high that is good for chronic pain relief, insomnia and depression. Indica-dominant, sativa-dominant and even-hybrid strains are all available at medical cannabis dispensaries such as Las Vegas ReLeaf.


Sativa and Indica are the two main types of cannabis marijuana strains available at weed dispensaries and medical cannabis dispensaries. Indica marijuana plants are shorter and wider than their Sativa siblings and take less time to flower. The effects of Indica high are generally considered to be the best choice for managing pain and insomnia.

This kind of medical marijuana provides users with more of a body high that relaxes the muscles, reduces muscle spasms, relaxes muscles, relieves migraines and headache pain as well as helps fight anxiety and stress. Many users describe Indica as inducing a high that “couch-locks” or keeps them locked to the couch, relaxing for an extended period of time. This type of strain is most commonly smoked in the evenings or before bed so as to not interfere with daytime productivity.


Sativa and indica are the two main types of cannabis marijuana strains available at weed dispensaries and medical marijuana dispensaries. Sativa plants are tall with long thin leaves and they take longer to flower than indica cannabis. The effects of a sativa high are generally considered to be best for daytime use, which is why the Las Vegas ReLeaf dispensary always has an excellent sativa strain available. The effects include feelings of uplifted energy, focus and consist of a cerebral spacy high that is good for creativity. This type of strain may also provide users with immune system support that increases appetite and fights nausea as well as headache and pain relief. Patients who smoke sativa plants may also experience a general feeling of well-being or laughter, feelings which are good for fighting off depression and anxiety.

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