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Recently, marijuana vape pens have exploded in popularity, especially in the Las Vegas community. The unmatched convenience and portability have certainly contributed to this, but it’s also just a good, efficient way to consume your THC or CBD. Peruse our selection of vapes pens and learn more about our vapes in Las Vegas, including how they work below.

About Our Vapes

When people are looking to buy a cannabis vape, they usually have more than just a few questions. Like what is a vaporizer anyway? How does it work and how well does it work? We have some answers to those questions and more.

What Is a Vaporizer?

Vaporizers use a heating element to a point that turns the active components of flowers or oils into vapor that you can inhale. Although there haven’t been enough studies for conclusive evidence, generally vaping doesn’t expose you to the carcinogens that are released when you heat flowers past the point of combustion. This has the dual benefit of also releasing more elements of cannabis, which can intensify the effects.

How Long Does It Take to Feel the Effects of Las Vegas Marijuana Vape Juice?

Now that you know a little more about how the vaporizer works, you might be asking a more important question. How fast does it work? Typically inhaling vapor leads to the cannabis and cannabis by-products entering your system fairly quickly and effectively. For many, the effects can be felt in minutes, but sometimes it can take closer to 15 minutes. As with most forms of cannabis consumption, your tolerance and body will play a part in how fast you’re affected.

Different Types of THC Vape Juice

Here at Las Vegas ReLeaf, we offer several different options for cannabis vape pens. Generally, portable vaporizers and vape pens tend to be the best combination of portability and effectiveness. Which of these two options you pick is just down to your preference and if you prefer to buy flowers or oils.

What Are Portable Vaporizers?

Portable vaporizers tend to give you the most diverse array of options for how you want to consume your cannabis. There are dry herb vaporizers if you prefer to smoke flowers. There are also portable vaporizers for those who prefer waxes and concentrates. There’s even hybrid ones for those who prefer to have options. Vaporizers have a chamber to hold your consumable method of choice. There’s a temperature dial as well that you can use to adjust temperatures. Utilizing this dial activates the battery which heats your flower or concentrate. You can then inhale the vapor that is created from this process.

What are Pens?

Vape pens offer the highest amount of portability and convenience, but they’re only able to activate concentrates and hash oils. If this is your preferred method of cannabis consumption, then a pen is perfect for your needs. There are also dab pens available if you prefer to smoke wax. Vape pens consist of a battery and a cartridge, which holds your oil or concentrate. The battery heats the cartridge and creates the vapor.

Buying Cartridges

Now that you’ve selected your preferred type of vaporizer, the next step is learning about cartridges. Cartridges come prefilled with different oils or concentrates. Initially, cartridges are filled with cannabis distillate in its rawest form. This is an option, but many people also like to get cartridges that include terpenes or other components.

Cartridges with terpenes are able to mimic the flavor and smell of the original plant strain that they were derived from. So if Sour Diesel is your preferred strain for instance, you can likely find a cartridge that mimics that strain, giving you a more rounded vaping experience.

There are also cartridges that are cut with other ingredients to give them a different mouthfeel and produce more vape smoke. Since the chemicals used to create these aren’t natural, some users tend to opt out of them, but others appreciate the different mouthfeels that these cutting agents can provide. In the end, your choice of cartridge will come down to your personal preference and what you want out of the vaping experience.

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Here at our dispensary, we have a great selection of weed vapes in Las Vegas for you to choose from. If you want to see for yourself why cannabis vaping has become so popular, check out our portable vaporizers and vape pens today. You’re sure to find the perfect vape for you. If you don’t know which to choose, just contact us! We’ll be happy to help you figure it out. Don’t forget to check out some of our other awesome products, like our edibles, flowers, and concentrates, while you’re at it! 

As a premier medical and recreational marijuana facility in Las Vegas, we’re happy to provide our customers with the best cannabis products and services. Shop online or in person at our cannabis shop. We also offer curbside pickup.

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