Quick Guide to Medical Marijuana Tolerance Levels

Quick Guide to Medical Marijuana Tolerance Levels

Medical marijuana, like any other medication, can build up tolerance in its users over time. The more you use something, the more you need to use it to feel the same effects as the first time. This rings true with painkillers, alcohol and even marijuana. So what’s the difference of tolerance levels to cannabis?

Marijuana Tolerance Levels Research

First and foremost, unlike alcohol and opioid painkillers, it is very difficult to overdose on marijuana. Although tolerance levels build up over time, it takes an extraordinary amount of marijuana to reach the same toxic levels as painkillers and alcohol. An amount so high that, to this day, there is still no single recorded incident of death from marijuana overdose.
In some case, marijuana users will need to smoke more cannabis over time to feel the same effects. But what’s interesting is in other cases, marijuana users can smoke the same amount of cannabis every day for the rest of their life and still experience the positive effects.
A recent study found that male chronic cannabis users can actually bounce back from the tolerance effects of marijuana after just two days of abstinence. Tolerance levels can even return to almost normal after about four weeks of refrainment. There are some other tricks to reduce marijuana tolerance levels.

How to Lower your Marijuana Tolerance Levels

Smaller Amounts of Bud Each Time

An easy way to decrease your tolerance levels and still consume medical marijuana is to just consume slightly less. Although it is therapeutic to smoke medical cannabis, the truth is cannabis consumers usually smoke more than is necessary to get high or feel medical relief. This helps to build up tolerance levels but can easily be addressed by smoking a little less the next time you take a hit.

Use One-Hitter Pipes

Another easy way to consume less weed is to use a device that holds less weed. One-hitters are not only great for smoking inconspicuously, but they are also good at regulating how much you medical cannabis you smoke in one sitting.

Take a Marijuana Tolerance Break

We know, you probably don’t want to consider this an option (and we don’t blame you). And for some, a marijuana tolerance break is simply not an option. Depending on your medical condition, it could be a bad idea to stop taking your medication even for a day or two. For others, a marijuana tolerance break could be exactly what you need to clear your head and reduce your tolerance levels. However, you won’t have to take a long break to see your tolerance go down. And remember to always keep your health a priority and use medical marijuana for treatment purposes if your medical condition worsens during that time.
At Las Vegas ReLeaf, we believe information is power. Medical marijuana is an extremely effective form of medicine but, just like everything else in life, moderation is key. Use the tips above to help you moderate your medical cannabis intake, keep you tolerance levels low and continue to treat your medical condition naturally. Contact us at our dispensary to learn more about the benefits of medical marijuana and get access to legal medical cannabis today. ,

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