Give Yourself The Gift of Cannabis This Year

Give Yourself The Gift of Cannabis This Year

If you are looking to get yourself a little treat this holiday season, then cannabis could be the way to go. This could be something that you never thought you would try, but now you are looking to give it a go because you have heard about all the benefits it could potentially have for you. In this article, you are going to find some of the things that you could treat yourself to, and some of the reasons that you might want to consider it as the gift you give yourself this year. Keep reading to find out more.


One of the products that you can treat yourself to is Wild Cherry Gummies by  Mindy’s Kitchen. They contain 10 per pack and you can expect to pay around $30. Mindy’s are some of the best-tasting edibles on the cannabis market right now with sweet and tart cherry flavor gummies that are infused with both THC and CBD.  Individually are dosed at a 1:1 ratio making it the perfect blend for those looking for more than just a high. We also love Mindy’s because every product is tested at every single level to ensure that you are receiving nothing but the best quality ingredients. There are a number of reasons that you might want to consider edibles, and one reason, in particular, is that they taste incredible! You will be pleasantly surprised to find that you will be unable to taste the flavors of cannabis as the taste is hidden in the sweetness of the cherry. Just make sure to take the dose amount that is recommended to you by the packaging or if your feeling slightly apprehensive then speak to your budtender for a second dose recommendation.


When the holiday season seems like it is getting too much, you might find that cannabis can help melt the stress away. If you just need to sit down and relax, but you are finding this a bit difficult at the moment, a CBD product might be the solution that you have been looking for. For example, you might want to sit back and take a nice relaxing bath after your family function, and what better way to help you than a Birthday Cake Bath Bomb by Planet M which contains 100mg of CBD. Once you get in this soothing bath, you are never going to want to get out. It smells incredible, feels incredible, you might notice your stress melt away and for $24 per bath bomb, you know you’re getting your dollar’s worth! 


Or, why not try the uplifting Khalifa Kush by Tryke. This is an oil cartridge that is extremely high in THC, making it very potent. The THC levels of this are 91.66%, and the CBD content is only 0.27%. This will increase the potency of the psychoactive cannabis and could lead to you experiencing heavier effects than other methods of consumption such as smoking the flower. Cannabis has been thought to help anxiety, and with the holidays around the corner, a lot of people start to face the anxiety of getting ready for holiday parties, family dinners, and more. If you are a Christmas panicker, then cannabis concentrates may help you ease through the festive period without constant anxious thoughts. Just remember that concentrates are more potent than their counterparts!


For users who prefer slightly more discreet products, Bask Essentials Sports cream gives you the benefits of CBD without needing to drop oil under the tongue with tinctures or blowing smoke with a vape pen. This product has 300mg of CBD in it, so you are going to be looking at paying around $50 for it. This product may help with your overall health and wellness needs, and thankfully all you need to do is rub the lotion on the desired area and begin to reap the benefits, no smoking or high involved! By applying the CBD in this form, it is going to soak into the skin deeper and help soothe the area that you are experiencing pain by releasing tension from the muscles or discomfort on the skin’s surface by soothing the irritated area. It can potentially also be useful for helping to reduce redness and inflammation in your body, so if you have noticed recently that you are in any pain, or you think this might help you, why not treat yourself? It also makes for a great stocking stuffer for yourself or your loved ones.

Flower Strain 

Grape Valley Kush is the perfect strain to enjoy during the holiday season. It belongs to the Indica strains, and many people know it for having positive mood-enhancing effects and making people feel more at ease socially (great for making conversation with extended family). This is going to be perfect if you have found yourself in low spirits lately, it’s the holiday season, you should be as merry and cheerful as can be. There is nothing wrong with using this to help you along the way a little bit! Plus after the festivities quiet down, Grape Valley Kush helps induce a full-body relaxation often leading to sleep.

We hope you see that cannabis may be helpful to you during the holiday season, so why not treat yourself a little this year and get yourself an early gift. Bonus points if you wrap them! Who doesn’t love opening a gift that you know you actually want and will use. You never know, it could even be the solution to the stress that often comes during the holidays. Stop by ReLeaf to find all of your cannabis needs or order online.,

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