Las Vegas ReLeaf March Staff Spotlight: Eric McCray

Las Vegas ReLeaf March Staff Spotlight: Eric McCray

At Las Vegas ReLeaf, we are very the first marijuana dispensary in Las Vegas. Not only that, but we’re the best Las Vegas marijuana dispensary. Why? Because we have the most incredible staff working here. So here’s another staff spotlight, celebrating the work that Eric McCray has done while working here.

Eric McCray: the Marijuana Delivery shifts Assistant

Being the Delivery shifts assistant (DA) means that Eric McCray gets to interact and educate people about products so they can make an educated decision. He also shows excellent customer service, professional experience, and keeps the storefront clean.

Eric is an excellent addition here at Las Vegas ReLeaf, as he is very knowledgeable and knows a lot about the products we sell. He loves helping make purchases easier for customers, making them feel good about it, from walk in to checkout.

Eric McCray is a rather outgoing guy, but considers himself a homebody, preferring to hang out at home with his girlfriend.

Why the marijuana industry?

Eric McCray got his start in Colorado where he is from. Colorado’s marijuana laws made him a casual user, which in turn got him curious about the industry. That’s when he decided to move to Las Vegas while we were still in our legal marijuana infancy. It was 6 years ago when he got his foot in the Nevada marijuana market.

Before making the move into the world of cannabis, he studied psychology.

Since he heard so many great things about Las Vegas ReLeaf, he was able to obtain an interview with us, thanks to his cousin D’Anthony. It wasn’t an easy goal, as it took him about a year to get an interview. But the moment he did, according to Eric, it “felt like somewhere I should be.”

At Las Vegas ReLeaf, Eric enjoys the fact that no two days are the same. The moment it hits 9am and the doors open, you never know who to expect—he gets to meet all different walks of life. It certainly keeps things interesting.

The future of the marijuana industry, according to Eric

Eric McCray, like the rest of us, hopes to see marijuana legalization in all 50 states, whether it be medical or recreational. Since cannabis helps in so many different ways, we could use some more industry pioneers so everybody has a chance.

Eric saw a huge change when recreational marijuana was legalized. Particularly with how interested people are in what they are getting. When people go into the store looking for marijuana, they are genuinely nice and happy to be there.

Visit Eric at Las Vegas ReLeaf

If you ever looking for good information and marijuana recommendations, come to Las Vegas ReLeaf. Eric will be happy to take care of everyone and their Las Vegas marijuana dispensary needs. ,

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