Cannabis Products and Strains Women Prefer

Every consumer marketplace varies in regard to the different preferences between male and female customers, and the cannabis marketplace is no different. Thanks to a recent report completed by Headset, a cannabis analytics company, deeper insights have been gleaned related to cannabis product purchasing behaviors of women. According to the data, female tastes for cannabis […]

Cannabis Lounges Are Coming to Las Vegas

Just less than two years ago something extraordinary happened that made Las Vegas more than just a hot travel spot for those with an affinity for 24/7 access to gambling, booze and many other sources of entertainment and “sinful” pleasures. The state of Nevada legalized marijuana for recreational use – a move that was destined […]

Cannabis Terpenes – What are they and what are their benefits?

When purchasing a cannabis product from a dispensary, the package is required by individual state laws to contain some very important information. Not only does the cannabis product packaging inform the user what the testing laboratory has discovered about the potency levels and cannabinoid profile, but it also includes specific percentages regarding the terpene profile. […]

CBD Products at ReLeaf Dispensary

CBD Oil Benefits

Thousands of years ago, ancient doctors and healers around the world recommended cannabis to treat numerous ailments because they directly witnessed its medical benefits. In the last half century, modern science has begun to shed light behind this cannabis plant’s powerful healing properties. As a result, the body of research on cannabidiol, CBD benefits, THC […]

Beverage Consumption Really Is the Future of Cannabis

Imagine you and your pals go to a bar and order a round of beers instead of getting the typical downer beer buzz you experience a hazy cannabis energizing buzz. That’s what the newest and latest marijuana infused beverage, Two Roots, – our non-alcoholic beer – has to offer. Two Roots recently hit the shelves […]

Put Down the Fast Food! Try These Healthy Munchies Instead

healthy munchies recipe

Although many medical marijuana patients consume cannabis because of its ability to stimulate a patient’s appetite, getting the munchies all the time can get expensive and unhealthy. The next time you’re feeling hangry, opt for these easy and delicious healthy munchies recipes instead. Healthy Munchies Recipes to Try Homemade Baked Potato Chips We know the […]

Which Country Consumes the Most Marijuana

marijuana friendly countries

Marijuana has made its way around the world. Many places have become marijuana friendly countries and others, not so much. But which country consumes the most cannabis? According to data from the United Nations, Iceland consumed the most marijuana back in 2012. Here’s why… Iceland and Other Marijuana Friendly Countries Approximately 18% of Iceland’s population […]

Try the Tasty Terpenes in These Summer Strains

marijuana terpenes

Recreational marijuana sales are hitting at least 25 dispensaries in Clark County. What better time to highlight some of our favorite—and tastiest—strain picks for the summer? It’s time to try out these tasty marijuana terpenes. Our Top Summer Strain Picks for Tasty Marijuana Terpenes From hybrids to Indicas and Sativas, we’ve tried to pick an […]

You Won’t Believe Why Animal Lovers Are Opting for Marijuana for Pets

As attitudes and stigma surrounding cannabis use loosen across the country and the world, medical marijuana for pets has swept through the nation as loving pet owners discover the benefits of CBD oil for dogs and other pets. Discover why animal lovers are opting for medical marijuana for pets with our Nevada marijuana dispensary. Delivering […]

How Long is Weed Detectable in Your Body?

marijuana drug test detection

How long does marijuana stay in your system? Most veteran cannabis consumers know medical marijuana can stay in our bodies for an incredibly long time. Further, because the effects of cannabis are individual, the rate at which your body eliminates traces of THC is also dependent upon a variety of factors, like your smoking habits. […]

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