Which Country Consumes the Most Marijuana

Which Country Consumes the Most Marijuana

Marijuana has made its way around the world. Many places have become marijuana friendly countries and others, not so much. But which country consumes the most cannabis? According to data from the United Nations, Iceland consumed the most marijuana back in 2012.

Here’s why…

Iceland and Other Marijuana Friendly Countries

Approximately 18% of Iceland’s population was lighting up. The U.S. wasn’t far behind, at 15.3% of the population using marijuana. Where do the numbers stand today?

Today, the data is based on regular use in the past month. You’d think it would be the Netherlands, where it’s legal in Amsterdam. However, the Netherlands only has about 3% of its population using cannabis regularly. In comparison to the Netherlands, the United States has 35% of its population using weed.

Spain is also one of the most marijuana-friendly countries. It’s virtually tied with the U.S. with more than 34% of its population smoking marijuana. France isn’t far behind at 33%, and Italy has 24% of its population lighting up.

Currently, U.S. is the biggest cannabis country

Let’s take a look at not just recreational marijuana sales and look at medical. As it turns out, the U.S. is the number one population regularly smoking pot. It’s even legal in several states! We think it’s time it becomes legal everywhere else in America.


Because prohibition clearly isn’t working, and it’s been proven time and time again that marijuana has medical benefits and should be legal accessible.

In Nevada, medical marijuana has been legal since 2000 and recreational since September of 2017, but it wasn’t easily accessible by patients until medical marijuana dispensaries opened fairly recently.

Las Vegas, Marijuana Friendly

Las Vegas Releaf was the first to pen in the city of Las Vegas. It’s location just 500 feet from the Strip make it an easily accessible medical marijuana dispensary by locals and tourists alike. ,

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