Beverage Consumption Really Is the Future of Cannabis

Beverage Consumption Really Is the Future of Cannabis

Imagine you and your pals go to a bar and order a round of beers instead of getting the typical downer beer buzz you experience a hazy cannabis energizing buzz. That’s what the newest and latest marijuana infused beverage, Two Roots, – our non-alcoholic beer – has to offer. Two Roots recently hit the shelves and is exclusively sold here at Las Vegas ReLeaf marijuana dispensary.

Now, there’s another reason for recreational marijuana customers to want to visit their favorite dispensary.

And civic leaders are getting behind it because the industry innovation is expected to make millions of dollars in tax revenue for the state of Nevada.

Beverage Consumption Really Is the Future of Cannabis Consumption

Now that recreational weed is legal and going into effect in multiple states, beer producers are on the lookout for crossover products and entryways into the growing cannabis industry. The popularity of craft beer continues explosive growth across all demographics. Several dispensaries in Las Vegas and Reno say they are sampling various beers and deciding whether to carry them.

For now, THC infused beers are still outlawed, mostly in states where marijuana is still illegal for recreational use.

ReLeaf ‘s Two Roots beverage is the first cannabis infused beer to hit the market.

Why Does Weed Beer Need to Exist?

Alcohol sales continue to decrease in most states, often where recreational marijuana is available as an alternative, making two Roots an obvious money maker. For economic purposes, beer companies need to find other means to maintain their profit margin. Other than financial gains, potential health benefits are another reason why cannabier, or “weed beer,” is the next best thing. THC infused beer helps traditional alcohol-based beer drinkers avoid getting too drunk and later having health problems like liver disease. Plus, most people would rather drink a non-alcohol cannabis infused beverage that ends the day with a good night’s sleep rather than vomiting hangovers and the aftermath of a night of bad decision making. Our cannabis infused beer is just healthier and will be the next big thing in the alcohol alternative and marijuana industry.

The goal at ReLeaf is to normalize the consumption of cannabis – infused products. Beer holds a widely accepted and celebrated place in society. And we’ll soon be the toast of the nation.

Our Two Roots beverage is designed with social drinking in mind, and not as an instant high. Our cannabis – infused beers are specifically crafted so consumers can safely drink multiple beverages in one setting like at a cookout or socializing with friends. You’re able to get the affects you want to get while experiencing predictable tolerance levels similar to what you have come to recognize.

The First Cannabier Company in Nevada Has Quality Products Second to None

At Las Vegas ReLeaf premium marijuana dispensary our driving passion is for our customers, our patients, and our products. Because of this, we offer various marijuana – based relief products for respective conditions and focus on a wide selection of the best products available in the Nevada marijuana marketplace. This includes the 5 wonderful flavor options of our Two Roots cannabier. Our beverage provides marijuana infused beer in 10-ounce cans, featuring lager, stout, new west IPA, blonde ale, and wheat style flavors.

The THC high hits quicker than most edibles and has a 5 to 10-minute onset time with effects that dissipate after about 90 minutes. By making the cannabis oil containing the main psychoactive component Tetrahydrocannabinol, commonly referred to as THC, small enough, it is possible to achieve these effects. In fact, the THC count in a Two Roots’ beer is 20 to 50 times less than the count of a standard marijuana – infused beverage.

Why Are We Starting Out in Nevada?

With millions of tourists annually, Nevada makes sense. It’s been over a year since recreational marijuana sales started in Vegas and this simply offers another choice for our customers. Adopting this product is a lot easier in a state familiar with marijuana laws and a state that has a vast base of loyal customers. Then add in the millions of visitors and Las Vegas becomes the ultimate marketplace.

So, Should You Puff or Chug?

It’s your choice, of course, but enjoying the feeling and the effects within five to ten minutes, Two Roots will be your best. The nice thing is you can have one beer in one sitting and don’t have to worry about having one beer and being done. Two Roots contains enough THC that the drinker can feel its effects within five to seven minutes, but is small enough that a person could drink multiple beers.


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