Try the Tasty Terpenes in These Summer Strains

Try the Tasty Terpenes in These Summer Strains

Recreational marijuana sales are hitting at least 25 dispensaries in Clark County. What better time to highlight some of our favorite—and tastiest—strain picks for the summer? It’s time to try out these tasty marijuana terpenes.

Our Top Summer Strain Picks for Tasty Marijuana Terpenes

From hybrids to Indicas and Sativas, we’ve tried to pick an eclectic set of strains. Hopefully, they will create the cannabinoid and terpene balance for a perfect smoke session.

Game Changer (Indica dominant hybrid)

Named for its effects on a patient’s mood and pain management, this is an indica dominant hybrid. This is a descendant of Purple Dragon and Green Thai. The flowers of this strain are a vibrant green and deep purple. So when smoking this strain, you’ll notice an undeniable blend of fruit, grape, and citrus with the subtlest of floral undertones.

The unique—and delicious— the flavor of this trichome heavy strain comes from its complex terpene profile. The synergistic impact of Game Changer’s unique cannabinoid and terpene profiles means that it’s an ideal strain. Especially for those who are in need of marijuana for pain management, depression, stress, fatigue, and migraines. If you like the sweet and fruity flavors of this strain, you may want to try Gorilla Grape, too.  

Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies (Indica dominant hybrid)

There are few snacks as delicious—or refreshing—as a thin mint cookie. If you’re a girl scout cookie lover—or just looking for a refreshing strain to try this summer, Thin Mint is the hybrid marijuana strain for you. This one is a cross between Durban Poison and OG Kush. With a heavy coat of THCA crystals, it is characterized by dark green and purple hues peeking through. When dried, the flower gives off a sweet minty smell that is only exacerbated once you light up.

Considering its powerful lineage, perhaps it’s no surprise that the combined effects of this hybrid results in a powerful full-body high. That’s what makes it the perfect choice for patients battling severe pain, nausea, swelling, insomnia, and appetite loss.   

Strawberry Cough (Sativa)

This award-winning strain is not only on the list of the top 40 strongest strains of all kind, but it’s also become so notorious in cannabis culture that the strain has its biography. Since coming onto the cannabis scene in 2000, this potent Sativa is known for the sweet and distinctive smell of fresh strawberries. The smell is what permeates from the plant.

First developed in New York, this terpene profile of this powerful strain will leave consumers with a blend of berry and skunky flavors lingering on their palates. The powerful cerebral effects that are part and parcel of Sativa strains, gives patients a sense of euphoria. The uplifting power of Strawberry Cough makes it an ideal solution for those in need of marijuana for anxiety disorders.

Blue Dream (Sativa dominant hybrid)

There are few strains of popular in cannabis culture as Blue Dream. Since being introduced to the market in 2003, Blue Dream has taken the cannabis industry by storm. This West Coast legend was made by crossing a Blueberry Indica with a Sativa Haze for the perfectly balanced high. Smoking with this strain triggers full-body relaxation along with a gentle and uplifting cerebral high. Consider this strain perfect for newbies and veterans alike.

Although Blue Dream is a Sativa dominant hybrid, the terpene and cannabinoid profiles of blueberry Indica have a sweet aroma. Blue Dream is most popular as a daytime strain for patients as it delivers swift relief from symptoms without the heavy, sedating effects that other hybrids deliver. As this strain is high in THC, it is ideal for patients treating depression, nausea, and those in need of pain management options.

Talk to a Budtender Today to Try Out New Marijuana Terpenes

Regardless of your symptoms, our staff is here to help guide you through your first marijuana purchases as a patient or a recreational user. So, make sure you’re getting the strain that’s right for you by giving us a call or stopping by our marijuana dispensary on The Strip!,

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