Where to Buy Legal Weed Near the Las Vegas Strip

America’s playground is the perfect place to enjoy weed legally. There are actually a variety of different options if you are keen to explore this possibility on your trip to Las Vegas.  But where is the best place to get an incredible high in a safe, user-friendly environment? You should definitely consider visiting the ReLeaf […]

There’s a Link Between our Favorite Scents and the Terpenes We Like

If you’re browsing the virtual aisles or shopping for cannabis at a Las Vegas dispensary, you’ll have probably noticed that there’s a vast range of options available. There are several factors that may influence the decisions you make, for example, recommendations from others, cost and past experiences, but it’s also beneficial to explore the effects […]

How Long Is THC Detectable in Your System?

Some industries are weeding – no pun intended – out drug tests. For instance, businesses in NYC and Nevada have famously reduced testing for cannabis. Why this is? Curiously, bosses were worried that these tests would lead to them losing some of their best workers. This law allows those who use cannabis medically to not […]

Give Yourself The Gift of Cannabis This Year

If you are looking to get yourself a little treat this holiday season, then cannabis could be the way to go. This could be something that you never thought you would try, but now you are looking to give it a go because you have heard about all the benefits it could potentially have for […]

Can I Use a California Medical Marijuana Card in Las Vegas?

With the growing number of states across the US legalizing medical marijuana, many patients are beginning to wonder whether their authorizations are legal in states other than their own.  You can see why this question might pop up. Millions of people from places like California hop across the state line to Nevada every year to […]

Is Weed Legalized in Vegas?

There is now a total of 33 states and the District of Columbia that have passed laws that broadly legalize marijuana in some way, shape, or form.  There is, however, only 11 states and the District of Columbia that have really adopted the most expansive of these laws when it comes to legalizing marijuana for […]

Is There Really a Difference Between Sativas and Indicas?

Today, marijuana dispensaries continue to refer to their cannabis products by their “indica” and “sativa” distinctions in order to provide a baseline explanation of the effects customers can expect during use. Many customers ask their cannabis consultants and budtenders for recommendations based upon the perceived or labeled “sativa” and “indica” profiles of cannabis products, of […]

Feds Say CBD from Hemp Can Now Be Brought on Flights

As new research continues to reveal the truth about pharmaceuticals and the negative side effects they have on the body, more individuals depend on and prefer to use natural remedies such as cannabidiol to provide relief to and alleviate their health conditions. At the same time, patients turning to natural medicine are able to positively […]

How Dispensary Prices are Determined in Nevada

When Nevada opened the floodgates to allow for legal, adult use of marijuana in July 2017, it is true that prices for cannabis and cannabis-related products were considered high in comparison to other legal states, as well as the black market. Nevada’s high prices were a result of simple economics – incredible demand coupled with […]

Medical Marijuana Card Benefits

On November 7, 2000, 65 percent of Nevada voters approved Question 9, which amended the states’ constitution to recognize and regulate the medical use of marijuana. The law removed state-level criminal penalties on the use, possession and cultivation of medical marijuana by patients with written documentation from a state-licensed physician prescribing marijuana to help alleviate […]

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