Is Weed Legalized in Vegas?

Is Weed Legalized in Vegas?

There is now a total of 33 states and the District of Columbia that have passed laws that broadly legalize marijuana in some way, shape, or form. 

There is, however, only 11 states and the District of Columbia that have really adopted the most expansive of these laws when it comes to legalizing marijuana for recreational use. These states are:

  • Alaska
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Illinois
  • Maine
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Nevada
  • Oregan
  • Vermont
  • Washington

Today we are going to be focusing on Nevada, or more specifically Las Vegas. We are going to take an in-depth look at the laws and regulations of recreational cannabis use in Vegas.

Can Anybody Buy Cannabis in Vegas?

While the strings of the law have been slightly loosened, there are, of course, still restrictions on who can purchase marijuana in Las Vegas. Providing that you are carrying a driver’s license, passport, or another form of a valid ID that proves you are over 21, then you can purchase marijuana in Vegas for recreational use.

How Much Can I Purchase?

There are still definite limits on the amount of marijuana you can purchase in Vegas. There is a recreational allowance of up to an ounce of marijuana, and one-eighth of an ounce for cannabis concentrates. Medical patients, however, have an allowance of 2.5 ounces within a period of two weeks.  

Is There Still A Need For A Medical Marijuana Card?

The simple answer to this is yes, first and foremost, holding a medical marijuana card gives an allowance to avoid the excise tax. Secondly, as a medical marijuana cardholder, you have a much greater reach when it comes to the products available to you.

In Vegas, state officials and even marijuana vendors are still encouraging those who hold a medical marijuana card to continue making medical purchases. Medical cardholders can generally get hold of the medicinal products around 20% cheaper than recreational products.

How Will I Know What Is a Recreational Dispensary?

All dispensaries are given the task of promoting themselves as sellers of recreational marijuana, and they do an outstanding job of it. There are dispensaries all over Southern Nevada and so many more to come. You won’t have any trouble locating a recreational dispensary in Las Vegas.

Of course, if you are over 21 and looking for a great establishment, you can visit us here at ReLeaf. Our recreational dispensary only requires your state-issued identification card and cash. Due to the fact that cannabis is still federally illegal, most marijuana dispensaries in Las Vegas only deal in cash.

At ReLeaf, you should note that if you hold an out-of-state medical marijuana card, you will be prioritized as a patient. This is all due to Nevada’s participation in the patient reciprocity program.

When it comes to recreational dispensaries in Vegas, you can be sure that ReLeaf is home to the most knowledgeable staff. Remember, if you want to visit a trusted dispensary, stay safe and visit ReLeaf, we are a premier dispensary near the Strip. 

I Am From Out Of Town, Will I Be Treated Differently?

The people that own dispensaries are incredibly knowledgeable and will happily help out anybody in need of any information at all. Whether you are visiting a dispensary for the first time or five-hundredth time, there is always something to learn.

You should act at a dispensary as you would at any other location on earth. There seems to be a skewed public perception of dispensary workers that is entirely wrong. As a general rule, dispensary workers carry an extremely high level of knowledge about every product on the shelves. 

You should also be mindful that if a dispensary worker has advised you to stay away from a particular strain, this is nothing personal, this is strictly the worker being professional and looking out for your best interests. 

For most dispensary workers, if you show respect and you’re friendly, it matters not where you are from, you will be treated like everybody else. 

Can I Buy From Multiple Dispensaries In One Day?

Yes, you can, of course, do buy from as many dispensaries as you see fit. It should be mentioned, though, that you must buy within the legal limit. Nevada’s medical marijuana industry has the use of a registry that tracks patients. This makes hopping between dispensaries possible, providing the purchase equates to under one ounce.

Is It Legal To Use It In Public?

Unfortunately, Nevada law actually prohibits the use of marijuana in public places. This generally poses a problem for many tourists, as obviously you can buy marijuana quite readily, but there is a difficulty finding somewhere to smoke it.

If you get caught smoking marijuana in public, you could end up getting hit with a $600 fine. Other smoking restrictions include hotels, parks, bars, restaurants, and even casinos.

Why most people would think that casinos would be quite marijuana-friendly, this is not the case. It is important to remember, while marijuana may be legal on a state level, it is still federally illegal. When it comes to casinos, they like to stay on the right side of federal law.

However, not all hope is lost. Nevada officials are looking for ways to make gaming halls more marijuana-friendly.

When and Where Cannabis Use Is Legal In Vegas

The great news is, the use of marijuana is legal in private residences, but the blinds must be down. Residents are also allowed to use cannabis on their porch or patio, but they are NOT allowed to smoke on the sidewalk in front of their homes. 

So, if you are a tourist and you have a friend in vegas, you are in luck, if not though, worry not, there are still options.

There are a plethora of AirBNBs in Vegas that are close to the Strip, and some are marijuana-friendly. Soon there will be lounges and cafes popping up everywhere in Vegas too. Nevada already has the allowance for smoking in specific indoor venues, so legally speaking, these cafes and lounges are easier to open than in other states.

If you are lucky, you may even get an invite to a private cannabis club. Private cannabis clubs consist of a group of adults that get together and smoke in a legal setting. 

Why Can’t I Smoke In My Hotel?

It is essential to recognize that your hotel is not a private residence, you are a guest, and the rules of the owner are all that matters. As we have mentioned, there are some rentals that are marijuana-friendly, as a general rule, these are private residences that are lent out.

As we have also looked at briefly, we have to take into account federal laws, most of the hotels on the Strip are attached to a casino, and therefore, the allowance of smoking in residence puts their gaming license in jeopardy.

If you are staying off the Strip, you may get lucky; some hotels may allow you to smoke in the room or on a balcony, it is always best to check before you book though.

So Can I Smoke In My Car?

This seems to be somewhat a grey area, but the answer is as clear as day. Smoking in a car, even if it is your car, is still illegal. Nevada law states clearly that it is illegal to consume cannabis inside a vehicle, whether it’s in motion or stationary. 

If I Am A Tourist, Can I Take It Home?

Unfortunately, the answer to this one doesn’t even leave any wiggle room, and that answer is no! Taking cannabis across state lines is a federal offense, and it doesn’t even matter if your home state has the same cannabis laws as Las Vegas.

Can I Still Be Arrested For Possession In Nevada?

While marijuana is legal in vegas, there are still situations where you could end up in a sticky situation. It is vital to ensure you stick to trusted and licensed dispensaries, making a black market purchase could see you fall into a very deep rabbit hole.

It is also important to remember not to smoke and drive. Just like drinking and driving, driving while under the influence of cannabis is illegal in Nevada. You should also be careful if your marijuana is not sealed, you can face open container violation. 

How Will I Know The Difference Between Medical & Recreational?

Unlike other states that have separated their inventories when it comes to medical and recreational marijuana, Nevada has opted for a far more streamlined approach to the buying and growing process.

When buying marijuana in Las Vegas, there is absolutely no difference between recreational and medical marijuana, except, of course, for when you reach the point of purchase. As we have previously mentioned, medical marijuana card holds can get up to 20% off the purchase. 

Is There A Quality Difference Though?

Unlike states like Colorado and Washington, recreational cannabis in Nevada will undergo the same rigorous testing standards as the State’s medical marijuana. This testing checks for heavy metals, pesticides, mycotoxins, THC, Strength, and molds.

Does My Insurance Cover It?

If you are wondering if your insurance is going to cover the medical cannabis costs, the answer is, unfortunately, not. While you may have been recommended marijuana as a treatment by your doctor, the insurance company will not cover the costs of the medication.

The truth is, insurance companies find themselves in a sticky situation when it comes to cannabis, and this is down to the law. Even if the insurance company officially recognized the effectiveness of cannabis and wanted to cover it, they still could not.

The law states that private insurance companies can only cover FDA approved drugs. The FDA, of course, put drugs through a strict approval process before they can officially be classified as a medication. 

While these regulations are significant and can help protect the public from counterfeit medicines, it can have its downsides. The regulations can ultimately prevent people from accessing much-needed medication. 

How Much Does Recreational Pot Cost?

With the constant rise in demand and taxes, the price has seen an increase for both recreational and medical users. Now, a gram of flower can cost up to $15, and an ounce can cost up to $325. When it comes to edibles and concentrates, the cost will always depend on the product.

The Benefits Of Legalized Marijuana In Las Vegas

While the legalization of cannabis may slowly be hitting more and more states, there are few states like Nevada that perform the same level of stringent testing on marijuana for both medical and recreational uses.

Now with the slow introduction of smoking lounges, the purchase and consumption of cannabis are becoming far easier in Las Vegas. Las Vegas has wholly embraced the cannabis industry. Whether for its medical or economic benefits, even politicians have helped Las Vegas embrace the cannabis culture.

At one time, dispensaries lay darkly in the shadows, but now they are loud and proud and slowly becoming huge tourist attractions across Vegas. Stop by our Las Vegas Strip location to browse our large selection of cannabis, our budtenders will help you find the right product for you!


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