There’s a Link Between our Favorite Scents and the Terpenes We Like

There’s a Link Between our Favorite Scents and the Terpenes We Like

If you’re browsing the virtual aisles or shopping for cannabis at a Las Vegas dispensary, you’ll have probably noticed that there’s a vast range of options available. There are several factors that may influence the decisions you make, for example, recommendations from others, cost and past experiences, but it’s also beneficial to explore the effects of different cannabinoids including the terpene profiles. When you research cannabis, it’s common to come across articles about the potential benefits and effects of medical marijuana, but information about terpenes is also widely available. Terpenes are scented molecules that influence the aroma and taste of cannabis. 

Research suggests that our favorite smells can actually impact the choices we make when it comes to selecting our favorite cannabis products. This guide will provide an insight into how our preferences impact the terpenes we like, as well as providing information about the possible benefits of some of the most popular terpenes. 

The link between scents and the terpenes we like

How often do you buy the same perfume, or opt for the same scents when stocking up on shower cream or body lotion? Many of us have a favorite eau de toilette and aromas we gravitate towards when faced with an aisle or a display full of products. There are multiple factors that can affect the way we feel when we come into contact with different aromas, for example, our memories and experiences or associations that are linked to specific smells. Some scents remind us of other people or places or memories from our childhoods for example. Everyone is unique, and the way we respond to different scents varies, but often, we have positive reactions to aromas that remind us of being in nature. As many terpenes are commonly found in natural settings and environments, it’s common for people searching for cannabis products to be drawn to these terpenes. 

Melanie Smith, innovation lead at a Canadian company that produces cannabis beverages, suggests that terpenes often have ‘twin scents’ in the natural world, which attract people based on the kinds of natural scents they like or they have positive associations with. An example is lavender and the terpene, linalool. Lavender is an aroma many of us like, but it is also known for its soothing benefits and it’s a scent we often associate with family members and childhood memories. 

Aroma differences between terpenes

Terpenes are aromatic molecules found in cannabis. Researchers have discovered over 100 terpenes in the cannabis plant, and this means that consuming cannabis can offer very different experiences. The range of scents is vast, and some terpenes are more subtle than others. The fact that we are all unique also affects the way we respond to different terpenes. When it comes to buying cannabis products, personal choice will always play a role and some terpenes are likely to appeal to you more than others. The scents you enjoy in the wider world may dictate the terpenes you’re drawn to at a Las Vegas strip dispensary.

Here are some examples of the most common terpenes and some tips if you’re looking for terpenes based on scents you like: 

  • Linalool: Perfect for those who adore the soothing, nostalgic scent of lavender.
  • Limonene: Ideally suited to those who like zesty, vibrant scents such as lime, lemon, and juniper. Strawberry Banana is an example of a strain that contains limonene. 
  • Pinene: Perfect for anyone who likes the smell of pine and enjoys the sensation of being out in the open air.
  • Myrcene: An excellent choice for those who like scents like thyme, mango, and lemongrass.
  • Caryophyllene: Known for its distinctive, strong scent, this will appeal to those keen on the smell of black pepper and cloves.

The potential benefits of choosing specific terpenes

Terpenes are known for their aromas and flavors, but they also have a role to play in terms of the effects of consuming cannabis. It is thought that terpenes can impact the way you respond to cannabis and the way other compounds of the cannabis plant act. Some terpenes, for example, have a more soothing and calming effect than others. Cannabis products that contain myrcene and pinene are believed to induce a state of relaxation, while those that contain limonene and terpinolene can have the opposite effect, making you feel more energetic and lively. Research into the function of terpenes suggests that the effects of different terpenes are determined by both pharmacological and psychological factors. A study conducted in 2003 showed that liking or disliking an odor resulted in either a positive or a negative change in mood. The experiences we endure or enjoy can also impact responses. 

When you’re looking for strains of cannabis at the best Vegas dispensary, you might be influenced by your mood or the state of mind you’re looking to achieve. If you’ve been struggling to sleep, for example, or you’ve been stressed or trying to survive a hectic week, a strain that contains calming terpenes may more appealing than one that is rich in stimulating terpenes. In contrast, if you’ve been feeling exhausted and you’re desperate to feel more alert and energetic, you may find that a terpene that is known for its uplifting properties can help. 


Many of us use a single perfume or aftershave, and we have scents that we prefer. Cannabis contains terpenes, which are aromatic molecules that impact the smell and effects of consuming cannabis. Research suggests that the scents we like can influence the terpenes we enjoy most. This is due not only to the basic sensual response we experience when we come across a specific odor but also to the associations we have with smells and the perceptions and impressions we form as we go through life. Lavender, for example, is often associated with being soothing and calming. Next time you’re looking at the menu at a dispensary in Vegas, it’s worth bearing this information in mind and thinking about how terpenes affect your enjoyment of cannabis, but also how they make you feel. When in doubt, just follow your nose. 

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