Put Down the Fast Food! Try These Healthy Munchies Instead

healthy munchies recipe

Although many medical marijuana patients consume cannabis because of its ability to stimulate a patient’s appetite, getting the munchies all the time can get expensive and unhealthy. The next time you’re feeling hangry, opt for these easy and delicious healthy munchies recipes instead. Healthy Munchies Recipes to Try Homemade Baked Potato Chips We know the […]

Try the Tasty Terpenes in These Summer Strains

marijuana terpenes

Recreational marijuana sales are hitting at least 25 dispensaries in Clark County. What better time to highlight some of our favorite—and tastiest—strain picks for the summer? It’s time to try out these tasty marijuana terpenes. Our Top Summer Strain Picks for Tasty Marijuana Terpenes From hybrids to Indicas and Sativas, we’ve tried to pick an […]

Marijuana Millionaire’s and the Canadian Wave

canadian marijuana laws

With new marijuana laws put into place here in the United States, it’s interesting to see how other countries are tagging along. For example, one of those countries is Canada, and Canada’s recreational marijuana laws just changed. This provides new opportunities for growth. Let’s see how Canadian marijuana laws are making some men rich. New […]

The Complicated History of Marijuana at the Olympics

The only thing older than the Olympics is using marijuana is a medical treatment. Attitudes toward the use of medical and recreational marijuana are rapidly changing all over the world. The complicated history of marijuana at the Olympics is taking a more positive turn as of the 2018 Winter Olympics. Are We Heading Towards the […]

Marijuana Friendly Music Festivals

The legalization of recreational marijuana is nearly one year old, but music festivals have been celebrating cannabis consumption for years. Many marijuana friendly music festivals call Las Vegas their home and even more 420 events more take place on the West Coast. The following are a few of the most popular marijuana friendly events in […]

Do You Know Why American Farmers Support Pot, Too?

Once upon a time, industrial hemp dominated the American landscape. A hardy and dynamic cash crop, industrial hemp was one of the first domesticated plants known to man, used in everything from textiles and rope to paper. However, once federal hemp laws changed on the heels of the ‘Reefer Madness’ era, this completely changed. The […]

Nevada Gaming Commission Revisits Recreational Marijuana

On Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2017, the 12 members of the Nevada Gaming Commission began their review of recreational marijuana laws in Nevada. Find out how these fit in with recreational marijuana rules in casinos, if at all. Nevada Gaming Commission Discusses Recreational Marijuana Rules in Casinos In a meeting led by Governor Brian Sandoval, commissioners […]

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