Hemp Use Across Human History

Hemp is known as one of the non-THC components of the cannabis plant and holds the potential to help “green up” a number of industries. Hemp’s fiber, seeds and oil are incredibly valuable and provides additional reasons for why cannabis is referred to as a “cash crop.” For thousands of years, industrial hemp was the […]

Why 420 is Weed Day

In 2019, you do not need to be a cannabis connoisseur to know that April 20th is considered by many to be “National Weed Day”, in which cannabis culture is celebrated by millions of people worldwide. Around this time every year, many people like to ask: “What does 420 mean?” And, “Why and how is […]

Why Lab Test Cannabis?

As with any other medicinal products or pharmaceutical drugs on the market today, legal cannabis is required to undergo rigorous testing and to properly label each product with its strength and dosage information. The two major reasons cannabis products are lab tested, as Weedmaps.com states, is “to verify the products are safe for human consumption […]

Using Medical Cannabis to Improve the Health of a Pet

The question of using medical cannabis to improve the health of a dog or cat is a complicated one. Due to the fact that cannabis remains federally illegal and classified as a Schedule I drug, the amount of solid, peer-reviewed research available examining its safety or effectiveness on pets remains severely limited. Individual state laws, […]

How Many Jobs Depend on Legal Cannabis?

Thanks to the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana, America is currently experiencing the most dramatic job boom in recent history. While cannabis remains federally illegal, employment data agencies such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics sadly ignores all job growth related to the industry. This makes it very difficult to determine the number of […]

Tips for First-Time Dispensary Visitors

Purchasing cannabis for recreational and medical purposes has never been safer, easier or more convenient than it is today. Due to this simple fact and rapid boom within cannabis tourism, countless Las Vegas residents and visitors from all over the world will step into a Las Vegas marijuana dispensary for the first time this year. […]

Ways to Enjoy Cannabis

There are so many ways to enjoy cannabis that it is now possible to tailor your consumption like never before and match methods to whatever suits your needs, situations, or likes. You may find yourself using the same preferred method time after time or perhaps you prefer experimenting with new methods. Fortunately, these days you […]

Cooking with Cannabis

Cooking with cannabis can be fun, rewarding, healthy and tasty but it takes practice to perfect the technique and get potency levels just right. RoyalQueenSeeds.com and Leafly.com have mastered the art of cooking with cannabis and have some helpful recommendations below to help you prepare and properly cook your own edibles while avoiding some of […]

Cannabis Terpenes – What are they and what are their benefits?

When purchasing a cannabis product from a dispensary, the package is required by individual state laws to contain some very important information. Not only does the cannabis product packaging inform the user what the testing laboratory has discovered about the potency levels and cannabinoid profile, but it also includes specific percentages regarding the terpene profile. […]

CBD Products at ReLeaf Dispensary

CBD Oil Benefits

Thousands of years ago, ancient doctors and healers around the world recommended cannabis to treat numerous ailments because they directly witnessed its medical benefits. In the last half century, modern science has begun to shed light behind this cannabis plant’s powerful healing properties. As a result, the body of research on cannabidiol, CBD benefits, THC […]

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