Ways to Enjoy Cannabis

Ways to Enjoy Cannabis

There are so many ways to enjoy cannabis that it is now possible to tailor your consumption like never before and match methods to whatever suits your needs, situations, or likes. You may find yourself using the same preferred method time after time or perhaps you prefer experimenting with new methods. Fortunately, these days you don’t have to rely solely on one method. The best method for consuming cannabis really depends on your preferences and how you prioritize convenience, price, intensity, duration, desired effects, and health.

There are three basic ways to enjoy cannabis, but these methods have various techniques that serve unique functions, and each is appropriate for different occasions. The three delivery methods for cannabis use include inhalation, oral, and topical.

Inhalation Methods

Smoking and vaporization, or “vaping,” are currently the two main types of inhalation methodologies. The inhalation or smoking method is the most common form of cannabis consumption used by adults in the marketplace today. There is a wide variety of devices and techniques when smoking cannabis. Devices consist of hand pipes, water pipes, rolling papers, hookahs, and sometimes homemade one-time use devices. Each device or technique for smoking cannabis influences the grade of smoke inhaled and provides distinct experiences.

Smoking is the quickest way to receive tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) into the body’s system because the cannabinoids enter the body through the lungs and are then passed directly on into the bloodstream. HonestMarijuana.com states that this is because the blood flows at an average of three to four miles per hour so once the THC hits your circulatory system, it only takes a few seconds to reach your brain.

Though smoking is the quickest method of delivery, it is also the most damaging to the lungs. When burning or decarboxylating the marijuana in order to smoke it, you also inhale other plant and paper materials with the cannabinoids. These foreign substances have negative effects on the sensitive tissues located in your lungs. Thanks to advances in vaporization technology, smokers are now offered an alternative smoking method with fewer health concerns.

Vaporizers are a smart smoking choice for all types of potheads, from moderate to experienced and even health-conscious cannabis connoisseurs. Vaporizers are extremely useful because they significantly reduce odor, making use more discreet. As RoyalQueenSeeds.com puts it, “This is a fantastic benefit for both remaining incognito and preventing the smell from accumulating in furniture, clothing, curtains and hair. It is also much more neighbor-friendly, as the chances of them being exposed to secondhand smoke or an unwanted smell is reduced.”

A vaporizer device steadily heats herbs to a temperature that is high enough to extract THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids, while also completely eliminating every last chemical that is associated with burning the buds. There are numerous types of vaporizers on the market today and each vaporizer caters to different lifestyles and budgets. It is a good idea to get familiar on the basics and differences in vaporizers before committing to purchasing one.

Oral Methods

Oral consumption is an ideal method for people who live with chronic pain conditions. Due to the stronger effects that ingesting medical or recreational marijuana produces these sufferers often see improved benefits. The increase in potency is caused when cannabis is digested because the cannabinoids undergo a chemical transformation that makes them more powerful than what is obtained via the inhalation method. Health professionals agree that smoke-free methods, like oral consumption, pose less risk and are medically preferred for using marijuana.

Oral delivery methods include all techniques administered through the mouth, including tinctures, ingestible oils, infused food and drinks, pills, dissolvable strips, and even sprays. Another important factor to keep in mind when using any oral delivery method is the time it takes for the cannabinoids to take effect. Experiment and practice to perfect the balance of uptake you want to achieve.

HonestMarijuana.com describes in their article, The Best Ways To Consume Marijuana: A Guide, that, “on average, users who consume marijuana orally tend to feel the effects, at minimum, 30 minutes later. Sometimes those effects are not felt until over an hour later. Peak effects from oral consumption usually come around the two-hour mark, and the effects can last up to six hours or longer depending on the user.” This fact alone makes it easy for inexperienced users to consume too much marijuana only to suffer unwanted consequences one to two hours later.

Topical Methods

Don’t want to inhale or ingest marijuana? Try the topical delivery method by purchasing cannabis-infused creams, lotions, ointments, massage oils, patches, and sensual cannabis oil at your favorite Las Vegas marijuana dispensary. Topicals utilize the full cannabis extract and are made with a thick oil that has been decarboxylated to activate cannabinoids. Once cannabinoids are activated, they can be absorbed through your skin.

In the online article, The Different Ways to Smoke and Consume Cannabis, written by Leafly.com they indicate that, “topical effects differ from other medicating methods in that they don’t provide the cerebral stimulation that users describe as being high. Because of this, topicals are appropriate for consumers needing a clear head and localized relief like muscle aches or soreness.” Topical cannabis products generally make use of the medicinal properties of cannabidiol or CBD, and there are topical cannabis products that contain both THC and CBD. Discuss your options and desired effects with a qualified budtender to ensure the most effective results.

When applying cannabis topically, you don’t need to bathe in it, but generously spread and rub it into the preferred or affected areas of your choice after you have sufficiently cleaned and dried that specific body part. Thoroughly wash your hands after applying one to three applications of the cannabis topical substance. Cannabis topical products do not necessarily cure a condition or ailment, but expect subtle, harmless relief alongside other sensations, depending upon the concentration of CBD, THC or other soothing ingredients. Cannabis topicals simply make symptoms more bearable, minus the harmful side effects that pain meds or pharmaceuticals present.

Many consumption methods are complementary, working together for sustained relief, which is why people sometimes combine the delivery methods mentioned above. Purchase the necessary items you need from a knowledgeable marijuana dispensary like ReLeaf and discover which methods are best for you and your condition.



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