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Many experienced smokers may have run across the Alien Cookies strain once or twice. Well, the Miracle Alien Cookies strain, better known as MAC, combines this famous strain with some other strains for an overall incredible combination that is quickly becoming famous in its own right for its relaxing yet creativity-inspiring high. If you’re looking to get your hands on some MAC and see what all the fuss is about, Las Vegas ReLeaf can help.

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About This Strain

As we mentioned, MAC strain is a combination of Alien Cookies and a couple of other strains: Starfighter and Colombian. This genius combination led to an extremely balanced hybrid that gives you the best of both sativa and indica worlds. When you smoke this bud, you’ll enjoy a pungent and sour citrus taste. The smell is plenty potent as well, but you’ll be able to catch some notes of orange and earth in the scent. This bud packs plenty of flavor, so those who like an intense flavor experience will definitely enjoy this in their bowl. This bud also clocks in at around 20% for the THC level, so both beginners and experts can enjoy an easy-going smoking experience that rarely gets too over the top.

You can recognize this strain by its sticky, bright green buds. This bud is coated in resin, and little white crystals serve to highlight the yellow-orange hairs that permeate it.

What Are the Effects?

The MAC strain is a perfectly balanced 50/50 indica and sativa hybrid. If you love the effects of both these types of strains, then you’ll definitely love how you feel after enjoying some Miracle Alien Cookies. The medium-level potency means you probably won’t feel overwhelmed unless you’re brand new to smoking and you smoke a high dosage. 

When you smoke this strain, you will likely feel the sativa hit you the fastest. This will give you a nice head rush, an uplifted feeling and a burst of energy and creativity. Soon after that, the effects of the indica will set in and even you out. You’ll feel mellow and relaxed, but your mind will still be nice and awake. 

MAC strain is the perfect companion for a smoking session with friends or for those who are looking to engage in some creative pursuits. Of course, you don’t have to be doing anything active to enjoy this strain. The indica relaxation means that this strain is more than perfect for kicking back in front of the TV, reading a good book or playing video games. In short, you can wind down with this bud or you can enjoy some inspiring thoughts and make the most of them. It’s about as versatile as weed strains get. 

If you’re looking to intensify one side of the hybrid, you could always hit up Las Vegas ReLeaf for a different strain to combine with MAC. If you’re wanting to settle down after your creative pursuits, we would suggest something indica-heavy like GMO to relax your mind and body to wind down the day. Try some different strain combos to mix things up when you get bored!

Experienced Benefits

Since MAC strain strikes a nice balance between indica and sativa effects, you can experience the benefits that both of these types of weed bring. Indica, of course, is more known for its medical benefits, but sativa can be great for quite a few conditions.

Many users report that the indica side of this strain works well for those who are suffering from chronic pain, joint pain, arthritis and various other conditions that cause discomfort. Users say that the relaxation you feel during the high allows you to manage this pain, relax and even sleep better. It’s also known for its ability to induce hunger, so those who have trouble with their appetite could see some benefits from using this strain.

As for the sativa side of this strain, users report that it’s great for those who are dealing with various mental health issues. Anxiety, depression and PTSD are just a few of the conditions that users have expressed feeling relief from when smoking this bud. Of course, the experienced benefits will vary for each person, but giving this strain a try will help you get an idea of whether sativa or indica can help you with your medical conditions.

Since this is a medium-potency strain, you can usually smoke it at a fairly normal dose without worrying about smoking too much and getting stressed. Overall, it’s a very calming strain that induces a positive mood, so you can definitely give it a try for relieving a wide variety of issues.

MAC Strain at Las Vegas ReLeaf

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You can also place your order before 4 p.m. to get same-day delivery. Best of all, delivery is free, and the same-day delivery doesn’t cost you any extra. Here at Las Vegas ReLeaf, we do everything we can to provide an amazing customer service experience and get you your bud in a timely manner. We have everything from flowers to edibles, so you can enjoy your marijuana your way. Just place an order today and start enjoying your weed the Las Vegas ReLeaf way.

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