What Is a Bad Cannabis Trip (And How to Prevent It)

What Is a Bad Cannabis Trip (And How to Prevent It)

33 million people across the United States use weed on a regular basis to relax, chill out, and have a great time. Others reap the benefits of its medicinal purposes while some prefer to use it to enhance a new experience. Whatever you use it for, marijuana has been a crowd-pleaser for years – in fact, it dates all the way back to 500 BC!

But every now and then a user will experience a dreaded bad weed trip. This experience is far from relaxing and it certainly won’t chill you out. Whether you’re trying weed for the first time or have been using it for years, you aren’t immune to this experience.

Want to know more about how to recognize the signs of a bad weed trip and find out how to avoid one? Then you’re in the right place! Read on to find out everything you need to know about keeping your high a positive one.

What Happens When You Have a Bad Weed Trip? 

Having a bad marijuana trip can be an extremely stressful experience. It goes against the chilled out effects that most people associate with this drug. And this can really take you by surprise.

There are several different ways that a bad trip can affect someone.

Often it manifests itself in feelings of increased anxiety or paranoia. You may find yourself confused by your surroundings and suspicious of the people around you.

For example, if you’re in public you might start worrying that everyone around you knows that you’re high. In reality, even if they do, they probably won’t care. But while on a bad trip, you’ll struggle to shake this feeling.

A bad high can also manifest itself physically. You may experience numbness in your face and arms. Or you may find yourself sweating more than normal, short of breath, and pale in the face.

These kinds of symptoms can be very alarming but they don’t mean anything bad is happening inside you. It’s just another way that your anxiety shows itself.

So why can a perfectly normal weed session turn from fun and games to anything but?

What Causes a Bad Weed Trip?

A bad trip can happen to anyone and happens when you have a bad reaction to weed. But there are several factors that may increase your chances of suffering from one.

Feeling nervous or anxious before you take weed plays a big role. You don’t just have to feel anxious about taking weed, it could be about anything in your life. This means you’re already vulnerable to feelings of anxiety or paranoia.

But your physical health can play a part as well. If you’re dehydrated or sleep-deprived your body is not at its strongest. This means you may be more likely to experience a bad trip.

Where you take your weed can also have an effect. It can be really fun trying weed, say at your friend’s house, but if you do it somewhere you don’t feel comfortable this can leave you susceptible to having a bad trip.

If your environment is overstimulating this can also bombard your weed-brain and lead to a downward spiral.

Finally, the type of cannabis you use can have a big impact on the type of trip you have. You can experience a bad trip on any type of marijuana strain, but things like edibles can create a more potent high. And this also means they may create a more potent bad high.

What Can You Do to Avoid a Bad High?

Bad highs often feel like they come from nowhere, but there are a few things you can do to prep yourself that might help you avoid them. 

One of the most important things to do, whenever you take in weed, is to ensure that you feel comfortable. This means only enjoying your weed in places that you feel comfortable and being around people that make you feel comfortable. It might even be wise to arrange a safe space to go to if your high goes south.

You should also make sure that you eat properly and stay hydrated when you’re high. This might not seem like the most important thing, but it will keep your blood sugar up and ensure you have a great time throughout your high.

Knowing your limits is also absolutely key when consuming weed. If you’re trying something for the first time don’t go overboard. There’s nothing worse than feeling too high to function and this can send people spiraling fast.

What Should You Do During a Bad High?

As we’ve already mentioned, sometimes it’s hard to control when a bad high can happen, but there are things that you can do during one to help yourself ride it out.

Firstly, remove yourself from a situation. Take yourself to a quiet place where you feel comfortable and remove any unnecessary stimulation. It might be tempting to watch TV or listen to music, but in some cases, this can actually make a bad high worse. Taking it slow and resting is your best bet.

Get yourself something sugary to bring your blood sugar level up. Soda, candy bars, or some cookies will all do the trick here.

Water, drink lots of water!

As your high starts to pass, try taking yourself outside for some air to help clear your head. You may want to take a friend with you to make sure you feel secure on your wander.

It’s important to try and remember that a bad high will pass. Keep repeating this to yourself and you’ll get through just fine.

Don’t Let a Bad High Put You Off a Good Time!

Experiencing a bad weed trip can be a daunting experience but it can happen to the best of us so don’t let it put you off from enjoying your weed. For more help making the most of your cannabis experience in Las Vegas, check out our tips for new ReLeaf visitors. Here’s all the info you need to enjoy recreational weed in Las Vegas, stress-free.

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