What Are the Recreational Marijuana Laws in Las Vegas?

What Are the Recreational Marijuana Laws in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas…. the City of Sin…or as most people say, Sin City! And now, behold the City of Cannabis! Sure, there is a lot to do in Vegas because this city truly never sleeps. It can be overwhelming to keep up, but that’s what we’re here for. So, here’s some pointers for those coming in from out of state, Yes, bring your MMJ card. Go ahead, call your friends, get your vacation days planned, and don’t forget your MMJ card because, lucky for you, Nevada is the only state that accepts out of state cards.

What Do I Need to Purchase Marijuana while in Vegas?

Medical marijuana has been legal for years in various regions of the state of Nevada. Sales started in specific areas of the state in July 2017. Relaxation of marijuana laws caused a huge influx of customers interested in purchasing recreational marijuana. Added on top of the already enormous tourism industry, the growth makes an interesting mix of confusion for some who wonder if pot laws are different for both tourists and local residents. Whether you’re a local or not, you do not need a medical a marijuana card to legally purchase, as long as you are 21 or over and have valid identification. While medical marijuana cards are not needed, they still give various benefits like reduced taxes. Please know, although selling cannabis is legal, that doesn’t mean you can buy it from anyone. The only legal way to buy weed is from a state licensed retail shop or dispensary. Think of it like alcohol.

Where to Smoke in Vegas?

Let’s get to the good part. Now that you know the legalities of how to get your smoke on in Las Vegas, we suspect you’re wondering where to smoke it. First things first, smoking is not allowed in most hotel rooms, so be sure to purchase edibles, if you plan on getting high inside your temporary crib. If you are caught smoking marijuana in rooms or outside on the Strip, you potentially face imposed fines of up to one-thousand dollars per incident. And cops can count creatively! Now, that’s a serious fun killer on vacation! Some hotels allow you to consume marijuana in rooms; however, be sure you know the rules at your place. Fines are harsh, penalties tend to ramp up, and in some cases lead to being ejected from the hotel. Yes, lawfully consuming weed can be a minefield for out of towners. Nonetheless, weed can still be legally consumed on privately owned property. Stay away from public locations, especially on the Strip and in bars and casinos. If you’re coming in from out of town, it’s always helpful to know someone with private property here so you can relax and get your head in the clouds. New laws bring new ideas. Brand new marijuana social lounges have opened in Nevada to enable people without private property to have a place to legally smoke. So instead of going to your friend’s house up the street from the Strip, keep your eyes open, MMJ lovers, for these spots to chill, drink, and smoke your brains out. Is your car private property? … Sorry, it isn’t! Don’t get confused, Might be your car, but most places of asphalt are someone else’s. In fact, the smoke Nazi’s specifically passed state law stipulating that pot consumption in a vehicle is indeed illegal. Buzz killers!

Driving Under the Influence

Driving under the influence of cannabis in the eyes of the law in Las Vegas is as serious as driving drunk. Stoned is the same thing. It sucks, but you don’t want to disobey the law while out of state… believe us, you don’t!  Just like drunk driving, the penalties for stoned driving can be severe. You could face from 2 days up to 6 months jail time, or if lucky, get popped for community service, fines, license suspension, or completion of a Nevada DUI school. Given this scenario, you really shouldn’t consume cannabis before driving. We know it seems overwhelming, but it’s really not. For all you MMJ readers currently under the influence and too smoked out, Las Vegas MMJ laws really boil down to the following do’s and don’ts:
  • The only legal way to buy weed is from a state licensed retail shop or dispensary.
  • Make sure you have your identification card to prove you are at least 21 to buy or smoke marijuana in Las Vegas.
  • Check with your individual hotel to see if in room smoking is approved or if there is a nice, relaxing smoking area on property. Just do be sure it’s okay to light up.
  • Find a spot to smoke like at your homegirl’s or homeboy’s place across the way in Vegas.
  • Keep your eyes open for new spots developing around Las Vegas where MMJ consumers club, drink, and chill, while smoking as much as they want.
  • Too stoned at night and looking for someplace to go? Check out 420-friendly lounges and chill-spots that’re perfect for relaxing while your head is in the clouds.
  • Simply, do not drive under the influence, smoke, or have possession of marijuana while in your car.
  • Do not smoke in your hotel room without checking on their policy. If you plan to get high in your hotel room, use edibles.
  • Do not smoke in any public places like on the Strip, in restaurants, or even in private hotel rooms.

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