What Are Full Spectrum Cannabis Concentrates?

What Are Full Spectrum Cannabis Concentrates?

Here at ReLeaf, we pride ourselves in providing you with the best cannabis concentrate products in Las Vegas. When you are looking for the best of the best, look no further. At ReLeaf we offer the highest quality concentrates and full-spectrum cannabis concentrates you’ll find. Let’s take a moment to get to grips with the basics of concentrates and determine whether they could be right for you!

What Are Cannabis Concentrates?

When cannabis concentrates are produced, the best compounds are taken from the cannabis plant and excess parts like leaves and stems are removed. As a result, you end up with a more pure and potent cannabis concentrate with a much higher cannabinoid and terpene content. Concentrates come in a wide variety of colors and textures, so it’s good to familiarize yourself with some of the most common before whittling down your options. Here are the six most widely available forms of cannabis concentrates that you might want to consider.

Shatter – Shatter is a concentrate that looks and feels like shattered glass. Sometimes, it can stretch before snapping and shattering. In terms of color, it can vary from a golden yellow to amber. For high-quality shatter that can help to relieve pain, nausea, anxiety and inflammation, consider Ghost Train Haze.

Budder and badder – These concentrates have an oilier texture, like that of butter or batter. Their coloring ranges from bright yellow to bright orange. God’s Gift is one of our customers’ favorite badders. 

Crumble – Like the others above, the clue to crumble lies in its name. While it’s similar to budder and badder in its oiliness, it has a more crumbly consistency. Some compare it to honeycomb. Crumble’s color tends to be more matte and will generally be yellow. If you’d like to try crumble to achieve feelings of serenity, inner peace, and relaxation, you might want to give Habanos Train a go.

Sugar – If you’ve ever got sugar wet, you’ll be familiar with the texture of “sugar” concentrate. These concentrates have a wider color range, with varieties stretching from bright yellow to a dark shade of amber. 707 Headband is a top-quality sugar available at our dispensary in Las Vegas.

Sauce – Sauce is similar to sugar but is a bit thicker and stickier. You’ll find sauce in shades varying from mustard yellow to deep amber. Bio-Diesel is a cutting-edge craft cannabis sauce that’s safe, potent, and consistent.

Crystalline – Crystalline is crystallized. It will generally look like a cluster of small rocks. Unlike the other cannabis concentrates, crystalline tends to have a more transparent or semi-transparent coloring. Some say that it resembles sugar or salt in its sparkling appearance and coarse texture.

What Are Full-Spectrum Extracts?

Full-spectrum extracts (often referred to as whole-plant extracts) are essentially the best of the best when it comes to concentrates. They are also available for our in-home delivery. They maintain the full profile of the cannabis plant of your choice and will contain a wide variety of cannabinoids, including THC, THCa, CBD, CBDa, CBG, CBN, terpenes, flavonoids, phenols, proteins, esters, and sterols.

What are the Perks of Full-Spectrum Extracts?

When you order delivery of full-spectrum extracts from ReLeaf, you get a myriad of benefits. Our full-spectrum extracts will have the same flavor and aroma profile of the plant. You can also benefit from them medicinally and therapeutically, as the numerous compounds from the concentrate work together to enhance the positive effects of the active substances (THC and CBD) within them.

Our Concentrates

If you’re wondering where to buy cannabis concentrates in Las Vegas, you’re already in the right place! We’re the best cannabis dispensary for your needs and have a wide range of concentrates available for in-home delivery. Full-spectrum extracts are known to be difficult to produce, but we’ve mastered highly refined extraction processes and techniques to create some of the most potent and pure concentrates on the market. Whether you’re looking for vaporizable waxes, oils, or budders, ReLeaf has your needs covered.

Hopefully, the above information will have helped you to understand the basics of some of the cannabis concentrates and full-spectrum cannabis concentrates that we have to offer! If you have any questions about which will be best for you, feel free to call for a free consultation with one of our friendly and helpful in-store specialists or place a delivery order.  You can also find out more about cannabis concentrates here.

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