Veterans Talk Pot and the Benefits of Recreational Marijuana in Nevada

Veterans Talk Pot and the Benefits of Recreational Marijuana in Nevada

American veterans and soldiers have given their time and livelihood for our country. Many come back home with issues related to PTSD and other health problems. Now, they are getting together to talk about the benefits of recreational marijuana for these medical conditions, and how to get access to it when the VA doesn’t allow for medical marijuana prescriptions.   

The History: Veteran Access to Medical Marijuana

Last year we reported on a veteran rally to the white house, which included veteran protesters filling the streets with thousands of empty prescription pill bottles. Around that time, the Senate created legislation that allowed doctors the ability to discuss medical marijuana as a medical option for veteran soldiers, but this part of the legislation didn’t pass and discussing medical marijuana at the VA remained illegal.
With approximately 20 veterans committing suicide daily, it’s clear vets need more help than a simple conversation and attempted legislation. Another piece of marijuana legislation passed earlier this year, which did finally open the conversation gates from the VA, but it only focused on prohibiting funds from being used to enforce the no medical marijuana policy. It did not change policy or allow the VA to provide medical marijuana prescriptions in states where it’s legal, and that’s the issue.
Many experts agree that giving veterans access to medical marijuana will not only help with the symptoms of PTSD, but it may also help reduce their need for opiate pain killer prescriptions, which can lead to addiction and death. A growing number of vets are finally finding the relief they need from medical marijuana. To deny them access to this medicinal plant is not only absurd, it may be costing veteran lives. This was the topic of conversation for veteran soldiers in the latest Marijuana Panel Discussion in Nevada.

The Future: Veteran Access to Recreational Marijuana

Up until now, veterans have found themselves in a catch-22 with medical marijuana. VA doctors are still scared to talk to their patients about medical marijuana because it remains federally illegal, and they certainly aren’t allowed to prescribe it. Even if a veteran manages to get a medical marijuana recommendation from a regular doctor in their state, they still run the risk of losing their VA benefits if they test positive for the medicinal substance.
While vets still fight for their rights to access medical marijuana through the VA, one thing that will make their access to medical marijuana easier is to legalize it for recreational use. So when the federal government and the VA office continue to take their time legalizing an effective medical substance, veterans will be able to access marijuana legally through the state of Nevada.
Voting yes on 2 is not just about putting needed money back into the school system or allowing adults access to weed in “Sin City.” Legalizing recreational marijuana will help populations with restricted access to medical marijuana, like veterans, finally get the access they need to an effective medication. Voting for recreational marijuana in Nevada may save veteran lives, and they are standing up to let everyone know.
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