Top Five Reasons People Use Medical Marijuana

Top Five Reasons People Use Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana can provide medicinal relief for a variety of health conditions. In Nevada alone, there are 10 approved conditions in which people can apply to get their medical marijuana card. However, there are well over 30 medical conditions that medical marijuana is known to provide relief for.

The following are the top 5 medical conditions for which people use medical marijuana:

1. Anxiety

 the number one reason people use medical marijuana, with a whopping 76% of Californians saying they use medical marijuana for anxiety. Since it is not a Nevada state approved condition, many people are left self-medicating with marijuana to help their anxiety. Some patients, however, are able to use legal medical marijuana to help with their anxiety if they also suffer from another condition that is state approved.
2. Pain
Medical marijuana is rapidly replacing traditional, opioid painkillers to treat people with chronic pain. In states that legalized medical marijuana, they have seen a significant drop in opioid-related deaths every year. Considering the fact that no one has ever died from an overdose of marijuana, the number of people turning away from addictive and dangerous painkillers to a safer, legal alternative is huge.
3. Stress
Medical marijuana is great for relieving stress. Out of the thousands of strains available in the world, it is safe to say that a good majority of them will relieve stress. The symptoms of stress include increased heart rate, tensed muscles, and stomach turning, all of which can create problems when prolonged. The immune system shuts down, susceptibility to disease increases, arteries can clog up and an increased risk for heart disease are all possible when dealing with prolonged stress.

4. Back pain

Although pain is mentioned above, the amount of people who suffer from back pain is so significant that it has its own category. Plus, almost as many people use medical marijuana for back pain as they do for stress. Which is great considering the dangerous and addictive effects of long-term painkiller use. Since people likely suffer from chronic back pain, it is important they use a source of relief that won’t cause addiction and overdose.
5. Insomnia
Although insomnia is not a Nevada approved condition for medical marijuana use, it is common knowledge that medical marijuana is great for sleep. Specifically, indica heavy strains are known to induce relaxation and sleepiness, both of which are great for bedtime. People who suffer with insomnia will often find that medical marijuana is more effective than traditional sleeping pills, and makes them feel less drowsy in the morning.
Since every person is different, medical marijuana will affect everybody differently. For example, medical marijuana can help relieve anxiety in some users but not others. However, the majority of Americans believe that medical marijuana should be legal and available to anyone who could medically benefit for their individual condition.
For many recreational users, getting high is fun. But this doesn’t change the fact that marijuana is medicine. Local medical marijuana dispensaries, such as Las Vegas ReLeaf, are finally able to legally provide this medicinal product to patients across the country. The more people recognize marijuana as medicine, the more research and support the plant gains.
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