The Las Vegas ReLeaf Guide to Your First Time Trying Edibles

The Las Vegas ReLeaf Guide to Your First Time Trying Edibles

Both medical marijuana patients and recreational cannabis users are turning to marijuana edibles to get their high. Edibles provide cannabis connoisseurs with a safer way to ingest their favorite marijuana strains. Your first time trying edibles may be an overwhelming experience for even the most experienced potheads.

The following are a few tips to keep in mind for your first time trying edibles:

The Las Vegas ReLeaf Guide: Edibles for Beginners

When it comes to edibles, it is necessary to know the basics of marijuana edibles and what to do the first time you eat one. So, what happens when you eat an edible for the first time? The majority of the time edible consumers are surprised at the slow speed of the effects.

Start slow and know the setting

You won’t know precisely how edible marijuana affects your body until you try it. For this reason, it is important to be in a comfortable setting in which you know your surroundings and feel safe. It is also a good idea to have someone with you who you trust and can help out if the effects are too strong.

Have a meal before you start eating edibles. Make sure you have access to water and food not infused with cannabis to dilute the effects, should they become too overwhelming. The starting dosage for your first time trying edibles should be between 5-10 mg of THC.

Try a little at a time

Remember you won’t know exactly how edible marijuana affects you the first time, so it’s essential not just to eat the whole edible in one go. The effects are usually stronger than you are used to, even if you have experience smoking or vaporizing marijuana.

Even when trying new edibles, go slow at first. Every edible is different and can contain more or less THC than other edibles. The liver takes 30-60 minutes to convert THC to 11-hydroxy-THC, which results in an intense high.

If you don’t feel anything after the first hour, give it another half hour and then eat half of what you previously ate. The human body metabolizes substances slowly, and once there is a base amount of weed in the system it takes less to increase the effects.

Know your limits

When you eat an edible for the first time, it’s better to start with small portions and observe how your body reacts to edible marijuana. Determine if your body handles edible or smoke-able marijuana better. Eventually, you’ll determine if you can control how much marijuana you ingest with edibles and if it as easy to determine this as it is to control smoking marijuana.

Remember always to check the THC content on the label of any edible you purchase at a weed dispensary. Never mix edibles with alcohol and stay away from heavy machinery. Stay safe and have fun!

Your First Time Trying Edibles Should Be at ReLeaf

Trying edible medical marijuana can be a little intimidating at first. Simply follow these three tips to keep yourself in control and allow your body to feel the long-lasting effects. Stop by Las Vegas ReLeaf to learn more about marijuana edibles.,

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