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Everything you need to know about Super Lemon Haze

The multiple award winning Super Lemon Haze strain has been making huge waves in the marijuana community over the last decade or so. Both medical and recreational marijuana smokers love this sativa-dominant hybrid because of the creativity and energy it provides. Here at Las Vegas ReLeaf, we have plenty of different strains on hand, including Super Lemon Haze. We also offer free delivery to many Las Vegas neighborhoods such as Summerlin, Anthem, Centennial Hill, Henderson, and Paradise. We also offer carryout so you can pick it up right from our store curbside. 

Las Vegas ReLeaf has an array of options to choose from, but if you’re ready to buy some Super Lemon Haze today, just go ahead and click the shop button below. Otherwise keep on reading to learn more about this awesome strain

About This Strain

Super Lemon Haze cannabis was created by Green House Seeds using a combination of Super Silver Haze and Lemon Skunk. This strain certainly earns the Super moniker, since the THC levels typically come in at about 25% with 1% CBD and 2% CBN. This high THC level means that inexperienced smokers might want to take it slow, lest they get a bit overwhelmed by the powerful high.

When observing the visuals of this strain, you’ll notice subtle greens and browns intertwining with amber pistils. A resinous layer of trichomes lends this bud a sticky texture. As you break down the nugs, you’ll notice the stickiness pervades throughout the bud, ensuring that you’ll get some great kief if you have the right grinder to catch it.

Although this bud is very powerful, the smoking experience is quite enjoyable. The aromas match the name, with hints of lemon mixed with a sweet earthiness and a bit of spice. The flavor profile is similar as well, with a tart and tangy lemon taste filling your mouth as you smoke. The combination of flavors and aromas bring to mind tart lemonade or lemon candies.

What Are the Effects?

Typically when you smoke this potent sativa hybrid, you can expect it to take hold of your body first, giving it a nice calming feeling. The cerebral high follows shortly and can hit decently hard. As the high takes hold, a euphoric rush will fill your head. When smoking this strain, you’ll immediately notice a boost in mood and energy. Often, this strain can induce euphoric happiness and might even make users feel giggly. As far the recreational benefits go, the boost in energy also comes with inspiration and creativity. This makes it the perfect companion for creative endeavours like drawing, playing music, writing, or anything else you might be trying to accomplish creatively.

Of course, if you’re just looking for something that makes the day more fun, Super Lemon Haze helps with that too. It would be a great weed for hanging out on the beach, going for a hike, watching a movie, or hanging out with friends. 

Experienced smokers with a high tolerance will appreciate that this strain offers plenty of potency, while novice smokers would do well to take their time and pace themselves with this one. Due to its high potency, it could cause some anxiety and paranoia if you smoke past your tolerance level.

We recommend smoking Super Lemon Haze in the morning or during the day. The boost in energy and mood can be a great start to the morning or the perfect solution for getting over that midafternoon slump. Due to the heady and energizing high, it might not be the best weed to smoke in the late evening or right before bed.

Experienced Benefits

As a strong sativa-dominant hybrid, this strain isn’t typically used for a wide array of medical conditions. Indicas tend to be a little better for aches and pains, but this strain definitely isn’t without its medical uses. Many users with mood disorders find this cannabis to be particularly helpful in relieving symptoms. The boost in mood and energy are great for helping with depression, PTSD, fatigue, and sometimes anxiety. Anxiety sufferers may want to tread lightly, as the potency and mindrace might lead to agitating symptoms instead of helping.

People with minor aches and pains also might benefit from this strain due to its CBD and CBN content, but in general a more indica-leaning strain might be more up their alley. 

Super Lemon Haze strain also offers increased focus, so those with attention deficit disorder might find that this helps them focus up and hone in on the tasks they need to get done. All in all, this cannabis can certainly help a variety of people relieve their ailments, but it’s best to try some for yourself and find out if it’s the right strain for you.

Super Lemon Haze and Pre-Rolls – Exclusively from Vada

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