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Strawberry Cough strain is an enjoyable sativa-dominant hybrid with a distinct strawberry flavor. Those who like a fruity bud with an energy kick will love this strain. Here at Las Vegas ReLeaf, we aim to please with our marijuana selection. If you’re in Las Vegas neighborhoods such as Summerlin, Anthem, Centennial Hill, Henderson, and Paradise, you can also hit us up for free delivery. Free delivery and weed brough right to your front door, what’s better than that? If you’d prefer, you can give us a call, place an order for carryout, and we’ll bring it to your vehicle curbside.

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About This Strain

Created by High Times editor Kyle Kushman, this strain is a cross between Strawberry Fields and Haze. This strain was created with the intention of creating a flavorful, yet effective, sativa and that goal was accomplished. People definitely love that this cannabis is marked by an unmistakable strawberry flavor and scent, as it makes for an interesting and enjoyable smoking experience. As a very sativa-dominant hybrid, you can expect plenty of creativity and euphoria when smoking.

This sativa can be fairly potent, instead clocking in at around 22% typically. That being said, the high isn’t known to be too overwhelming. However, it is known to be a lingering high, so you might be feeling the effects longer than a typical strain.

Strawberry Cough strain was aptly named, since the smoking experience reflects the moniker to a tee. A subtle, earthy, strawberry scent fills the nostrils when you’re breaking down this bud. When you smoke it, expect the smoke to be plenty thick and maybe a little harsh, causing some coughing if your hit is bigger than expected. A pleasant, sweet berry flavor can be ascertained as you release the smoke. 

Visually, you can recognize this strain by the frosty, light green leaves with orangish red hairs running through the nugs. The white trichomes give it the frosty appearance and sticky texture.

We recommend smoking this particular strain in the morning or during the day. Since it favors the sativa side of its parentage, you’ll likely have some trouble sleeping with the energy it would give you at night. Instead, it’s a great way to have a happy morning or energize you during a slow afternoon.

What Are the Effects?

Strawberry Cough strain comes on pretty strong when you take your first few tokes. The first thing you’ll notice is a buzzy head high, which is often accompanied by a boost in energy and focus. Expect a deep sense of euphoria and even giddiness when smoking this weed. Often, this strain is known to put users in a creative mindset, so it’s great for creatives who are hitting a block in their projects. This strain is also very motivating, so it’s great for those who are wanting to get some work or chores done throughout the day. 

Recreationally, this weed is a perfect companion for having conversations with friends, enjoying some time in the great outdoors, or listening to your favorite album. This strain doesn’t have many indica elements to it, so it’s unlikely to cause you any couchlock. 

If you’re a sativa smoker and you want something that offers that feeling in spades, then Strawberry Cough will definitely meet your expectations. This weed can help you have more fun or help you hone your focus and get things done when need be.

Experienced Benefits

Strawberry Cough strain is known primarily for how much it is able to uplift and boost the mood of the user. That makes it a great symptom reliever for people suffering from various mood disorders like depression, PTSD, and bipolar disorder. Although it isn’t exactly known for its muscle relaxing properties, the strong head high can sometimes offer some relief from headaches and migraines.

The boost in energy is great for those suffering from fatigue and who need some encouragement to get through their day. The boost in focus is also great for helping people who have ADD or ADHD. It can even help you keep focused on tedious tasks that would normally be hard to complete and engage with.

Keep in mind, that the cerebral high of this cannabis can be pretty intense, so in large doses it might not be perfectly ideal for those with anxiety, since sometimes it can cause some slight paranoia. That being said, as long as you pace yourself and make sure to smoke to your tolerance level, this strain shouldn’t pose too many problems for you.

Strawberry Cough Flower and Pre-Rolls – Exclusively from Vada

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