Strange Ways to Consume Medical Marijuana

Strange Ways to Consume Medical Marijuana

Smoking isn’t the only way to benefit from medical marijuana. Here at Las Vegas ReLeaf medical marijuana dispensary, we always keep an ear out for new, ingenious ways to consume medical marijuana.

In the dispensary, we have more than just dry flowers and concentrates on smoking and vaporizing. We also have CBD tinctures, balms, and salves,w which can be used as topical medical treatment. Don’t forget about our edibles, which are great for consuming medical marijuana without smoking for a full body high. But, there are more ways to consume medical marijuana these days. The following are just a few of the strangest ways to use marijuana for medicinal benefits.

Five Strange Ways to Consume Medical Marijuana


Similar to balms and salves, cannabis-infused ointments are non-psychoactive and are meant to be applied topically. Medical marijuana ointment is great for alleviating arthritis and rheumatic pains, soothing burns, helping certain eczema and fungal infections. Just don’t apply to fresh wounds that are still bleeding.

Rectal administration

According to the United Patients Group, rectal administration of marijuana is “the most effective way of consuming cannabis.” Even if this isn’t your preferred choice of consuming cannabis, rectal administration is known to be more effective than smoking, eating, or some other way to consume marijuana—especially for those medical marijuana patients with gastrointestinal problems.

Vaginal suppository

Speaking of uncomfortable marijuana consumption methods, there is a vaginal suppository (known as Foria Relief), which contains both THC and CBD. this form of marijuana medication is used to alleviate pain associated with the menstrual cycle, such as cramps. It is actually based on the ancient use of the THC plant to alleviate menstrual cycle symptoms and has become more popular in the last year.  

Hot knife method

Although this method still consists of smoking marijuana, it is strange, to say the least, and rightly deserves a place on this list. With this method, the user will place a small piece of weed on a red-hot knife tip and the smoke is inhaled straight away. This method is probably best to know if you don’t have another smoking device handy whilst trying to medicate.

In cold drinks

Until a few years ago, cannabis was heated or dissolved in fat or alcohol to provide medicinal benefits. These days, you can simply drink a cold soda and get the medical effect you are looking for. The main ingredient is a lecithin, and dried weed is heated before mixing with it. After which, you can add the mixture to any cold drink.

Whatever the Delivery Method, Las Vegas ReLeaf Has You Covered

When it comes to medical marijuana, smoking is just one of the many ways patients can consume it. New ways of getting to the medical benefit of marijuana are being created all the time. With legalization inching closer and closer, researchers who scientifically study the plant are able to access it with more ease than ever before. The more they study the plant, the more benefits of the plant and methods of consumption are discovered. Find out how you can become a medical marijuana patient. ,

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