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Everything you need to know about Sour Diesel

For cannabis smokers, Sour Diesel probably holds a special place in many people’s hearts. This strain is highly popular and many people have probably smoked some version of it before. Many people might have even had this during their first smoking experience. Recreational and medical users both love this strain, so we make sure to carry plenty on hand here at Las Vegas ReLeaf.

If you’re in the mood for some Sour Diesel strain and you’re in the Las Vegas area, you’re in luck. Las Vegas ReLeaf offers free delivery to many Las Vegas neighborhoods such as Summerlin, Anthem, Centennial Hill, Henderson, and Paradise. If you prefer to get carryout, we make that easy as well. Just give us a call or place your order online and we’ll get it together for you and bring it to you curbside. Ready to get some of this strain in your hands? Just place an order below or keep on reading to learn more about it.

About This Strain

Sour Diesel strain has been around for quite awhile, some saying the original version dates all the way back to the 1980s. This means that the origin of this strain is a bit hazy and it’s hard to say exactly where it came from. Many people wonder exactly where it came from, but the prevailing theory is that it was derived from some mixture of a Chemdawg strain and a Skunk strain. Some believe there might even be some Northern Lights strain mixed in. Regardless of the origins, this sativa leaning hybrid is popular for a reason. It clocks in at a more than respectable 20-25% THC concentration, so you can trust it will get the job done.

Sour Diesel bud can be recognized by its medium sized nugs and yellow-green leaves. Red hairs and a sticky texture are also quick identifiers for those with a keen eye. 

Sour Diesel strain certainly earns its name when it comes to the smoking experience. The aroma of sour diesel is fairly similar to gasoline and is also described as being fairly skunky. Smoking will also clear those sinuses right up, as the smoke tends to be fairly acrid and harsh to the untrained. The word dank certainly applies when describing this particular strain.

What Are the Effects?

The unique smoking experience of Sour Diesel offers an interesting juxtaposition to the way it makes you feel. Sour Diesel strain is very much a sativa, so expect a nice head rush, a burst of energy, and feelings of euphoria. The slight indica mixture in the hybrid leads to your body being relaxed, but not heavy and couchlocked. For those looking for a wake and bake candidate, this strain will certainly meet your expectations. There’s definitely not a better way to jumpstart your day than a nice toke or two of this strain.

When people smoke Sour Diesel strain, it’s usually a great companion for promoting creativity, getting some chores or errands done, and socializing with friends. With all that being said, don’t forget that this sativa is plenty potent, which means if your tolerance is low you should probably take it slow. Overindulging could lead to some mind racing and paranoia. But if you smoke to match your tolerance, you’ll find the Sour Diesel high to be very enjoyable and mood boosting. Many users report the high to put them in a good headspace without being intensely cerebral. The high is definitely a bit lighter and smooth, making you feel good and energized without the intensity of typical sativa-heavy strains.

Experienced Benefits

When it comes to known benefits, users report that the euphoria of Sour Diesel has plenty to offer. Those who are suffering from depression or fatigue might find this to be the perfect way to relieve some symptoms. Since this is a hybrid, you get a little bit of the benefits of the indica side as well. Since it is know to help release some muscle tension and relax the body, people who have chronic aches and pains might find this to be a good solution as well. 

This is especially beneficial to those who are seeking the experienced benefits of an indica without the couchlock of a heavier indica strain.  Users say this strain helps relieve some of your aches, pains, and inflammation while still having the energy and mindset to get work done. 

Keep in mind that this is a strong sativa strain, which means you’ll get fairly energized from smoking it. So those suffering from ailments like insomnia might need to seek a different strain, or at least make sure not to smoke it in the evening or near bedtime.

Sour Diesel has gained a very high reputation amongst medicinal users due to its known ability to help with a wide variety of conditions. If you’re suffering from any related illnesses to the ones we’ve mentioned, it’s definitely worth a try.

Sour Diesel Flower and Pre-Rolls

If Sour Diesel strain sounds like the perfect cannabis for your needs, Las Vegas ReLeaf is here to provide. We have Sour Diesel as well as an array of other popular strains. We only carry the best sativas, indicas, and hybrids for our customers. We make sure to be a one-stop shop for all your marijuana needs, so if you’re needing edibles, pre-rolls, concentrates, or even gear, we’re sure to have something for you.

We also have a highly knowledgeable staff that can help you figure out what strain is best for you. Just contact us and we’ll be happy to make a recommendation and get your order underway. Order online below or give us a call for more information. We’re looking forward to meeting your cannabis needs! Don’t forget, we offer free delivery to our Las Vegas community, so you won’t even have to get off your couch to get this awesome strain in your hands!

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