ReLeaf’s New Tasting Room

ReLeaf’s New Tasting Room

The world’s first cannabinoid-infused craft beer has landed in Southern Nevada and can be purchased exclusively within ReLeaf Dispensary’s new tasting room known as Dana’s Place. Conveniently located off the Las Vegas Strip and open to anyone 21 years of age and older, visiting Dana’s Place is surely an activity that tourists and locals alike can enjoy, say “Cheers” to and celebrate for more than just a couple of reasons.

Already offering a lineup of the area’s finest cannabis flower, concentrates, edibles and CBD products, ReLeaf officially introduces its canna-pub Dana’s Place as the nation’s first and only location providing sampling and purchase of the world’s first-ever cannabier. Dana’s Place is named in remembrance of Dana Bernstein who passed away in December 2017 at the age of 28.

Cannabier is a cannabis-infused non-alcoholic beer launched in October 2018 by California-rooted technology and brand management company Cannabiniers. Focusing on products that are healthy for consumers that positively impact the environment, Cannabiniers has presented Two Roots Brewing Company which is already making strides in revolutionizing the cannabis industry via its patented beverage infusion technology currently pouring at Dana’s Place. Two Roots’ cannabier is offered in five unique flavors modeled after existing beer types, and has the potential to further normalize cannabis use across cannabis-legal states.

Dana’s Place provides an old brewery, pub-like atmosphere complete with a modern, clean twist, offering complimentary samples that rotate amongst Two Roots’ five flavors of cannabier. Once patrons are permitted through ReLeaf’s security area, patrons pass by a small lounge area before being presented with large, well-lit shop menus showcasing ReLeaf’s product offering and ReLeaf’s month-old tasting room, Dana’s Place. ReLeaf’s welcoming and knowledgeable staff leads patrons to the cannabis store, or can offer samples of cannabier in the tasting room.

In-store samples are non-alcoholic, containing less than 0.5% alcohol and do not contain any infused THC due to Nevada state laws and licenses not permitting ingestion of a THC-related substance in a public setting. Samples are strictly for patrons to taste each flavor of cannabier which include: Lager, Blonde, Wheat, IPA and Stout. Customers can then purchase the THC-infused version of Two Roots non-alcoholic cannabier individually by the 10-ounce can, or via six-packs of 10-ounce cans, all intended for consumption within the confines of a private residence.

Two Roots’ cannabiers can be compared to a “high” that is similar to a typical cannabis edible product, but is different in the sense that it hits consumers more quickly and within a 5-10 minute timeframe, with effects lasting around 90 minutes. The THC content of a Two Roots cannabier is 20 to 50 times less than the content found in standard cannabis-infused beverages. The lower THC content found within Two Roots’ cannabier uniquely makes the potency of each can light enough so that consumers can safely drink multiple cannabiers, or simply limit their consumption to just one.

The future of cannabis consumption can be found inside Dana’s Place, and since Dana was the inspiration behind the design, she would surely be proud to have this tasting room named in her honor. Dana lived with Crohn’s disease since she was three years old, and had undergone multiple surgeries over the course of her life that required her to be prescribed narcotics for pain relief, resulting in severe side effects after use. Dana had tried everything for pain control, and it was medical marijuana that prevailed as her most effective method of pain management. Medical marijuana allowed Dana to relieve nausea, sleep soundly and simply feel better in the face of extreme discomfort and intense medical challenges- even into the days following her use.

Dana’s father, Edward Bernstein is one of Nevada’s most prominent personal injury attorneys and is easily one of the most recognizable figures in the state. Dana’s experience with medical marijuana caused Edward to quickly recognize the positive medical properties of cannabis and motivated him to become part of the movement. Edward became co-owner of ReLeaf in hopes of relieving more patients and returning quality of life to more people like his daughter. Two Roots’ lager-flavored cannabier was aptly named “Enough Said” after Ed’s famous law firm slogan “Enough Said, Call Ed.” The name provides legitimacy to this specific cannabier, as “Enough Said” contains the highest amount of THC at 7 milligrams per 10-ounce can, while the four remaining flavors contain 5 milligrams per can.

The sample non-alcoholic kegs are tapped seven days a week at Dana’s Place when ReLeaf opens at 9:00 am and, the “last cheer for cannabier” is 12:00 midnight when ReLeaf closes its doors. Dana’s Place also offers a variety of ReLeaf and Two Roots Brewing Company merchandise including shirts, sweatshirts, hats, lighters, grinders, ashtrays, cannabier drinking glasses and high-end CBD products such as bath and body products, lotions and herbal teas.

At ReLeaf, Nevada locals always receive a 10 percent discount on products, Two Roots Brewing Company products and merchandise. All patrons can also take advantage of a “Buy 5 Two Roots Cannabiers and Get 1 Free” limited-time promotion, as well as receive a $5 pre-roll with each purchase. Otherwise, a Two Roots six-pack can be mixed-and-matched between the five flavors for $40, or individual cans can be purchased for $8 per 10-ounce can.

The dispensary shopping experience will no doubt evolve across the nation as cannabis becomes more widely recognized and accepted as a natural medicine. “Sin City” is the perfect venue to host the first in a series of Cannabinier tasting bars, which will likely appear throughout dispensaries across the country in the very near future. Visit ReLeaf’s new tasting room, Dana’s Place, and be a part of this revolutionary product that is well on its way to changing the world.,

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