Proposed Legislation to Regulate Medical Marijuana Edibles in Nevada

Proposed Legislation to Regulate Medical Marijuana Edibles in Nevada

The medical marijuana industry is a saving grace for those who suffer from chronic and painful conditions, including Crohn’s disease, cancer, HIV/AIDS and many more. The cannabis plant has caused a total of zero overdose deaths, making it a safe alternative to many legal prescription drugs that can cause death and addiction. However, everything good in life comes with its fair share of risks. One of the few dangerous risks imposed by legal and regulated medical marijuana is related to marijuana edibles.

Regulating Edible Medical Marijuana

Edible medical marijuana is an effective form of medication for many medical marijuana patients. The problem arises if these cannabis edibles land in the hands of the wrong person, such as a child, and they start to experience negative marijuana edible effects.

For small kids, eating a gummy bear or brownie without having to ask mom or dad can be an exciting endeavor. But if a child eats an entire THC filled brownie, the marijuana edible’s effects can become more dangerous than beneficial in a short amount of time.
In Colorado, problems with children getting their hands on marijuana edibles that they thought was just candy or dessert are apparent. In Nevada, lawmakers are already working to address the possibility of this issue in Nevada if and when recreational marijuana goes legal.

Even if recreational weed doesn’t pass this November in Nevada, lawmakers want to pass legislation to regulate marijuana edibles for the medical marijuana industry as well. New regulation proposals would include eliminating cartoon characters from packaging, using child-proof packaging and eliminating fun edible shapes that can entice children, like animals or stars.
Ed Bernstein explains that “Nevada is the gold standard of regulation.” As the most regulated state in the country, it is just as important to apply regulations to the medical marijuana industry. Why? Because safety is the top priority for medical marijuana patients, patient families and Nevada citizens across the state.

Las Vegas ReLeaf, a premier medical marijuana dispensary in Las Vegas, NV, is one of only a few dispensaries already working hard to be in compliance with the new recommendations for marijuana edibles. As a facility that provides medical relief to patients across Nevada and the country, it is our responsibility to provide safe medical cannabis that won’t find its way into children’s hands. Medical marijuana is a great thing but, like most great things in life, it still needs some regulation.

Stop by Las Vegas ReLeaf dispensary to learn more about the medical marijuana regulations proposed in Nevada and get access to safe medical marijuana edibles in Las Vegas. Shop for marijuana edibles online and get them delivered to your doorstep today.

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