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Everything you need to know about OG Kush

When it comes to marijuana strains, OG Kush is certainly up there in the list of all-time favorites from the smoking community. This strain didn’t get this reputation for no reason, it’s definitely a hard-hitting strain that has a lot to offer. Here at Las Vegas ReLeaf, we’re happy to offer our customers this strain so they can get that famous high from this famous strain.

With free delivery to many Vegas neighborhoods such as Summerlin, Anthem, Centennial Hill, Henderson, and Paradise, you can stock up on this fan-favorite without even getting up from your couch. Las Vegas ReLeaf also offers carryout, so place your order and stock up today! Need some more info about it? No problem, keep reading on.

About This Strain

As famous as OG Kush strain is, its origins are somewhat a mystery and one story isn’t necessarily agreed upon by growers. Many people are pretty sure it’s a mix between Hindu Kush and another strain originating from Amsterdam. The OG is thought to stand for “original gangster” since it’s popularity exploded back in the 90s and is known as one of the older, more reputable strains. Others think the OG might stand for “ocean grown” since it was originally grown in California. 

Regardless of the story behind it, this strain typically clocks in at a little over 20% THC. As a sativa-forward strain, it’s known for its heady, energizing properties. It is also a very attractive strain, marked by light green leaves with hints of purple. Orange pistils add an enticing pop of orange and silvery trichomes give it a sticky, shiny sheen. 

Smoking this flower offers great scents and flavors to enjoy. Taste is typically very citrusy with an earthy tone, while the pungent scent is often quite spicy. Don’t expect to be able to smoke OG Kush subtly, as it definitely makes its presence known. Also, make sure you pace yourself when taking hits! The spicy smoke in this strain can definitely take new smokers by surprise, with larger rips being a bit harsh. Overall though, if you take it slow, smoking this cannabis will be a very relaxing and enjoyable experience.

What Are the Effects?

It has a myriad of effects on the user. Typically, since OG Kush is a sativa, you’ll notice a more cerebral high. Thoughts, colors, sounds, and more may seem a little more intensified, but not in an anxiety-inducing way. This strain offers energy and an uplifting feeling that is perfect for smoking in social situations. Many activities are made more enjoyable, especially things where you’re engaging your mind, like video games, music, or even hiking and playing sports. 

And we know that doing work is probably the last thing you want to do while smoking, but this strain is actually great at promoting productivity and creativity. This is perfect for those who need some extra focus, need to do some chores, or need to brainstorm some new ideas for their creative endeavours.

Flower and pre-rolls are great enjoyed in groups, but it’s also a great strain for smoking solo. If you’re looking for more of a body high, you might be best served looking for an indica instead, but if all the above effects are what you’re looking for, this is definitely the cannabis for you.

This strain is great for smoking just about anytime of day, but since it has some energizing effects, you might want to consider not smoking it too close before bedtime or it might keep you up.

Although it puts you in a great mood and leads to a more interesting mind space, keep in mind that this is a pretty strong strain, so make sure to pace yourself. Smoking too much can definitely lead to some anxiety, paranoia, and mind racing effects if you overindulge. 

Experienced Benefits

People have shared that they have experienced many benefits. Since many users report that it uplifts your mood, it’s a good strain that can help combat depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders. By helping users live more in the moment, it can help relieve symptoms of these issues. It’s also been known to increase appetite, so those who have repressed appetites might be able to spark some hunger by smoking some. Chronic pain sufferers can also find some relief by smoking this strain.

Sativas are primarily cerebral highs, so those looking for more of a body high should probably choose an indica instead, as indicas are known for helping with that. But those looking to help relieve issues with their mindset and head space can definitely find some help by smoking some.

OG Kush Flower and Pre-Rolls – Exclusively from Vada

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