Medical Marijuana Strain of the Month: Lavender Jones

Medical Marijuana Strain of the Month: Lavender Jones

Las Vegas ReLeaf’s marijuana strain for the month of July is the vibrantly green and purple Lavender Jones, child of famous Casey Jones and Purple Urkle strains.

Medical Marijuana Strain Guide to Lavender Jones

The Lavender Jones hybrid strain, commonly called Purple Jones, is a cross between Casey Jones and Purple Urkle. Its hybrid effects provide the patient with both a deep relaxation and a dreamy euphoria. This strain is also known to give patients increased focus and feeling happy and uplifted. Lavender Jones is medicinally beneficial for patients combating chronic pain, depression, lack of appetite, stress, muscle spasms, inflammation, and insomnia. Negative effects might include dry mouth, dry eyes and dizziness.
While the Lavender Jones strain does provide a deep relaxation typical of an indica strain, it does not overly sedate you or leave you feeling couch-locked. The deep relaxation typically fades into a euphoric dreamy state without leaving you feeling too spacey. These happy effects make the strain great for pain and stress management throughout the day with the ability to still focus and get creative.
Lavender Jones marijuana strain smells delicious like floral grape, and its smoke tastes just as sweet, like earthy lavender with a hint of grape. At Las Vegas ReLeaf, the Lavender Jones strain consists of 27.5% THC and .06% CBD. Available for special discounted prices throughout the month of July, Lavender Jones is available online or at our dispensary. Check out the Las Vegas ReLeaf specials to see Lavender Jones and all the other promotions happening now. ,

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