Las Vegas ReLeaf Medical Marijuana Strain of the Month: Lavender

Las Vegas ReLeaf Medical Marijuana Strain of the Month: Lavender

Las Vegas ReLeaf marijuana dispensary highlights a special strain offer every month, discussing strain details, history and medical benefits. February is the month of love so we will be highlighting a strain we’ve loved since our grand opening in 2015. This strain has been stocked on Las Vegas ReLeaf shelves since the beginning.


Lavender, also known as Lavender Kush, is an indica dominant hybrid strain created from strains located around the world. Its parent strains are Super Skunk, Big Skunk Korean and Afghani Hawaiian. Its dark purple flowers smell earthy and sweet, with a touch of Lavender. The dark purple buds almost look exotic, which makes sense considering this unique strain was created from cultures around the world.
The Lavender strain is 21% THC and 16% CBD. When smoked, it will also leave an earthy and sweet taste behind. Users who consume the Lavender strain will feel intensely euphoric and relaxed. Effects typically include relaxation, sleepiness, happiness and euphoria. Possible negative effects of this strain might include dry mouth, dry eyes, paranoia and anxiety in some users.
Lavender is an excellent strain for medical marijuana use. This strain, being indica dominant, will help patients who struggle with insomnia and other chronic sleep-related conditions. This strain is also good for pain and nausea, leaving users feeling a body high that is relaxing and stress relieving. Users reported this strain to help with depression, anxiety and PTSD. Some users have also reported Lavender to help with arthritis and joint disorders.
Lavender is a great strain to smoke in the evening or on a rainy, relaxing day. Stop by Las Vegas ReLeaf medical marijuana dispensary to pick up an eighth, quarter, half an ounce or a full ounce today. Ask our Budtenders if Lavender will help with your medical ailment and give it a try.,

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