Medical Marijuana Dispensary Etiquette: What You Should and Shouldn’t Do in a Dispensary

Medical Marijuana Dispensary Etiquette: What You Should and Shouldn’t Do in a Dispensary

Do you ever get nervous about going into a new marijuana dispensary? Are you unsure about proper medical marijuana dispensary etiquette? Dispensaries may be intimidating at first, but truth be told, they are much safer than marijuana purchasing alternatives. There may be several places to get weed in Las Vegas, places like the 7-Eleven parking lot. For legal and medicinal cannabis, you can choose from less than 20 medical marijuana dispensaries. But you won’t approach a dispensary the same way you approach a dealer in the back of an alley. And once you get used to a dispensary environment, you will start to feel much more comfortable in a dispensary than in a shady spot.
If you’re going to a dispensary for the first time, learn what to expect and to properly equip yourself with medical marijuana dispensary etiquette.

Medical Marijuana Dispensary Etiquette

Here are some reminders and educational tips about marijuana patient etiquette at a dispensary.

Remember your current, state-issued ID or passport AND state-issued medical marijuana card.

Medical marijuana patients cannot enter a medical marijuana dispensary without their ID and state-issued medical marijuana card. Once you show this information at the beginning of your visit, you won’t have to worry about being hassled for the information later on.

Remember to bring cash with you.

Although some dispensaries may accept credit cards, the banking systems and marijuana industry still haven’t quite figured out the best way to handle funds. So for many dispensaries, cash is the only option they can offer medical marijuana patients. Some organizations, like Las Vegas ReLeaf, provide patients with access to an ATM.

Remember to leave your cell phone and/or camera in the car.

Many medical marijuana dispensaries do not allow photography inside, especially where the medicine is located. Why? Purchasing medication is a private affair, and to ensure everyone’s privacy is respected, no photography is allowed of the patients or the product. Medical marijuana dispensary etiquette also dictates that spending time on your cell phone can become a distraction for others waiting or browsing the medical marijuana options.

Remember to ask questions.

There are no stupid questions. If you are a new medical marijuana patient and are not quite sure which type or strain of marijuana is best for your condition, don’t be afraid to ask. Just remember to be respectful of another’s time if they are waiting behind you.

Remember that you’re not the only medical marijuana patient.

Similar to the “leave you cell phone in the car” rule, the idea of respecting each other’s space while in the dispensary is directly tied to ensuring everyone has privacy while purchasing their medication. The Las Vegas ReLeaf dispensary provides a lounge area where you can relax while another patient is being served in the product room. This makes respecting space easy and relaxing; enjoy yourself while you wait to purchase your product.

Remember to keep your weed to yourself.

According to Nevada law, medical marijuana patients can only consume medical marijuana in privacy. It is illegal to smoke in public, including on and around dispensary grounds. It is also illegal for Nevada dispensaries to allow you to touch the product while in the shop. To ensure dispensaries stay in compliance with laws and follow medical marijuana dispensary etiquette, they strictly prohibit patients from consuming or touching marijuana within the vicinity.

Remember that return and exchange policies don’t apply.

When it comes to purchasing marijuana, the normal return and exchange policy does not apply. Once you purchase your product, the dispensary cannot legally take it back or exchange it once the container is opened.

Remember to relax and enjoy yourself.

Don’t let the propaganda and paranoia of the Reefer Madness days keep you from the doors of a dispensary. Legally state-run marijuana dispensaries follow strict regulations to stay open and provide legal marijuana for medical marijuana patients. Marijuana legalization has come a long way to ensure security and safety for medical marijuana patients—no feds invited. Going to a dispensary for the first time is just a new experience that you will appreciate right away. From the bud to the budtenders, everyone in a quality medical marijuana dispensary is friendly and ready to help.

How Dispensaries Work in Las Vegas

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