Which Weed Pipe is the Right One for Me?

Which Weed Pipe is the Right One for Me?

If you are new to the world of medical marijuana, you may not be aware of all the ways you can ingest cannabis. For those who want to smoke marijuana but don’t know what smoking pieces are even available, the following list is for you.



This ancient smoking device can be made from stone, wood, clay and glass. It was traditionally used in the 18th century and can still be used today for smoking marijuana, opium and tobacco. Smoking from a chillum gives you a rustic feeling and a good high, perfect for meditating or just getting a feel for what it was like to smoke marijuana as Hindu monks in the 18th century.

Glass Dry Pipe

Glass pipes are probably the most popular type of pipe for people to use. They are known for giving you much better-tasting smoke than metal or wooden pipes. They can also come in many shapes, sizes and colors, with colors often changing and becoming more vibrant as you smoke it for a long time.

Wooden Dry Pipe

These weed pipes were originally made for smoking tobacco, but, like all great things, they evolved with the times. Smoking from a wooden pipe definitely gives you a certain woody flavor, making a perfect additional taste for any earthy strain of weed. Many wooden pipes have a larger size bowl and are made to last, giving you the opportunity to enjoy your marijuana for a longer period of time.

One Hitter (Sneak-a-toke)

These smoking tools are great for patients who need to be outside of their place of residence but still need to medicate. One hitters are perfect for discreet smoking, and can even come in shapes that look like pens, lipstick tubes and cigarettes. These tools are also very useful for smokers who need to control how much they smoke during a day or time of day, allowing you the ability to pack a small amount and not waste any weed.

Foldable Pipe

Foldable pipes are another sneaky way to smoke your weed on the go. These pipes can fold into themselves with a magnet and make for a sleek design that can be easily hidden.

Metal Pipe

Metal pipes are usually more classy looking pieces with unique designs. These pipes are known to provide you with a quality hit, made to allow you to experience high-end medical marijuana that will get you really high.

Vaporizer Pipe

These pipes are created to provide you with the most THC you can possibly get from a handheld pipe. These pipes will actually vaporize all the cannabis instead of burning it, allowing you to take in 100% of the THC. Vape pipes/pens are known to be healthier than other pipe types, helping you to avoid the inhalation of toxic chemicals that come with smoking marijuana from a non-vaporizer piece.


If you are looking for something different to smoke your medical marijuana from, we recommend this unique cross between a dry pipe and a bubbler. This spill-proof pipe has water and can still be carried around like a normal pipe.


The bubbler pipe is a water pipe that is not quite as intense as bong water pipes but still providing H2O that will cool down the smoke before it hits your lungs. The effect of smoking through a bubbler is a cleaner, smoother and creamier hit. Like dry glass pipes, these come in many different shapes, sizes and colors.

Bong Water Pipe

This type of water pipe is generally bigger and packs a stronger punch than any other pipe. It is not one you can easily transport around, due to its general bulkiness and the fact that it can spill water if tipped over. These smoking pipes can also come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, like beakers, straight tubes, and a Zong glass. See these unique marijuana smoking pieces here for some good examples.
“I believe that pipe smoking contributes to a somewhat calm and objective judgment in all human affairs.” – Albert Einstein

Even Einstein would be happily surprised at all the different types of marijuana pipes and bongs he could choose from today, although he may have been smoking something other than marijuana from his pipes. Either way, we are excited by all the different options medical marijuana patients can choose from when smoking. The more options available, the more likely everyone will get what they need to properly inhale their medication.
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