Marijuana Indica Versus Marijuana Sativa

Marijuana Indica Versus Marijuana Sativa

In the world of medical marijuana, not all strains are the same or give the same effect when consumed. You’ve probably heard the following terms tossed around often: hybrid, sativa, indica. But what do they mean, what’s the difference and which one(s) are more helpful for your medical condition?
The cannabis plant has two major subtypes: indica and sativa. Cannabis sativa was first discovered in 1753, and cannabis indica was discovered just 32 years later in 1785. The two subtypes look physically different from each other and provide different medical benefits.

Cannabis Sativa

The sativa form of the cannabis plant grows most often in warmer climates, closer to the equator. The plant physically looks tall and thin, with long branches and narrow leaves. Sativa plants tend to take a little longer to mature than their indica relatives and tend to taste more earthy. But, all of this really means nothing if you don’t know the difference in effects that sativa cannabis offers users.
Sativa cannabis is a great daytime use strain for medical marijuana patients. Excellent for remaining productive while still obtaining medicinal benefits, sativa strains provide an energizing effect and euphoric cerebral high. Sativa strains provide medical relief from depression, fatigue and other mood disorders. These strains can also be useful for treating pain management throughout the day while remaining productive and clear-headed.  

Cannabis Indica

In some ways the complete opposite of sativa, indica cannabis plants grow better in cooler climates and higher altitudes. With shorter branches and wider leaves, the plant physically looks short and bushy. Although indica plants take a shorter time to mature, they typically yield significantly less harvest than sativa plants.
Indica cannabis plants provide users with a much more psychoactive effect than sativa marijuana. These types of strains tend to have higher levels of THC and stronger sedative properties. Indica strains are known to provide relaxing, full-body high effects that are great for pain management, insomnia, anxiety, muscle spasms and nausea.

Hybrid Cannabis

And then hybrids came along and completely changed the marijuana strain game. Hybrid strains are crosses of sativa and indica strains. Some hybrids are more indica-dominant while others are more sativa dominant. 50/50 hybrid strains are an even mix between indica and sativa, providing users with both a euphoric head high and an all-over relaxing body high. Medical marijuana patients will often benefit from the effects of hybrid strains because these types of strains provide them with medical relief without becoming too sedating in the middle of the day.
Whether you prefer indica, sativa or hybrid strains is all up to you, your body chemistry and your medical condition. For many medical marijuana patients, consuming sativa marijuana during the day and indica marijuana in the evening is optimal. Other medical marijuana patients select hybrid strains made specifically to treat their medical condition, providing both cerebral and body highs when needed.
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