Is Marijuana Good or Bad for Your Relationship?

Is Marijuana Good or Bad for Your Relationship?

Can a relationship survive if one or both of you smoke weed? Marijuana is well-known by now for its healing properties. It can help with pain, anxiety, depression, glaucoma, Crohn’s disease and so much more. Even rumors about how good sex is while high on weed are common. But, is it really good for your relationship?
Some say yes, weed can be very beneficial for your relationship. Its ability to calm the mind and relax the body can make it a very therapeutic substance to use alone and in relationships. But why? How exactly does marijuana help build strong relationships? The following are a few reasons:

Marijuana and Relationships

Marijuana Use Reduces Domestic Violence

Recent research suggests that couples who smoke weed together are at a reduced risk for domestic violence issues. One study followed over 600 couples for nine years and found that the more couple smoke weed together, the less likely the will experience domestic violence together. The study also found that even when men exclusively smoke weed, they are still less likely to engage in domestic violence. This study suggests that weed may help to reduce aggressive tendencies that lead to physical domestic violence.

Marijuana and Sexual Pleasure

This is a hot topic for debate these days. For some people, sex and marijuana don’t mix. For the majority of people, however, sex is known to be immensely more pleasurable when high on weed. Research done by suggests that pot users are twice as likely to report multiple orgasms during sex. Woah!
Weed can heighten sexual pleasure because it is known to heighten the sense of touch and help users let got and not be so in their head during sex. Even historians noted that weed has been used to treat sexual dysfunction and arousal disorders for thousands of years.

Marijuana and Morality

A recent survey titled “Do Weed Smokers Do the Right Thing?” suggests that weed smokers are more loyal to each other because they tend to be more moral. “Marijuana and morality seem to go hand-in-hand.” This finding sheds some new light on pot smokers, who were previously known as lazy and incapable of contributing to society. When asked the tough questions, the vast majority of stoners were against cheating (even when they knew they wouldn’t get caught) and most stoners are more concerned with their partner’s orgasm than their own. Talk about loyalty!

Marijuana Reduces Depression

Depression is a family affair. It’s a disease that can plague a whole family, and spread toxically from relationship to relationship. In fact, if both partners in a relationship are depressed, their risk for divorce is nine times greater than average.
Marijuana is known to help reduce depression. According to a recent study, those who experience chronic stress tend to have reduced endocannabinoid production, which could contribute to depressive symptoms. Marijuana can be so effective at helping treat depression because it supplements the brain with the plant-based cannabinoids it was missing.

The effects of marijuana use vary from person to person and couple to couple. Some relationships may suffer if one person is an intense marijuana smoker. On the other hand, many relationships can be significantly calmer and sexually more enjoyable when one or both partners enjoy toking up together. Do you think marijuana can or does help your relationship?

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