Looking For New Cannabis Products to Try? Look No Further Than Our Best Sellers!

Looking For New Cannabis Products to Try? Look No Further Than Our Best Sellers!

Need help finding your new favorite cannabis product? Or looking to be a little adventurous and try something new? Well, you’re in the right place! At our Las Vegas Strip dispensary, we sell a variety of best-selling flower and innovative products that our customers come back to again and again. 

Our Best Selling Flower Products

For those looking for the best cannabis flower we would recommend the following from our top three: 

  • Prime is a good brand for fans of Cannabis products who are on the lookout for a new taste and experience. 
  • Remedy, as the name suggests, is a cannabis product that is known for providing healing effects. 
  • Shango is an award-winning flower that boasts stunning crystals, vibrant colors, and complex flavors. 

Our Best Selling Concentrates

Cannabis cartridges are good products for people on the go and want to control their dosage.

For anyone who prefers CBD, Select cartridges are here for effectiveness; with a potency of 80% to 95%, they are specifically designed to provide users with the CBD best experience.

Our Best Selling Edibles

At ReLeaf, we pride ourselves on being up to the standard as one of the best cannabis dispensaries in Vegas, which means we provide a wide range of edibles for our customers and patients. 

The Two Roots brand brews a wide range of non-alcoholic drinks, from lagers to IPAs. The 5mg and 10mg variants are popular. Rather than overwhelm you with an alcoholic effect, these drinks are more like an energy-filled sports drink, thanks to its electrolytes and carbohydrates. Maybe you’d like to try a light malt variety, or maybe a pale lager? Find them on the menu and in Dana’s Place, our tasting bar! 

Or you could purchase a Green Tea product. We sell Just Society Mint and Honey cold brew green teas, good for someone searching for a refreshing taste to sip and who want to enjoy 25mg of CBD. 

Maybe you’d prefer Wyld gummies? They’re made with real fruit and a broad hemp extract. Plus they carry a vegan-friendly gummy that is made of 100% THC free composition. 

The Dixie brand dabbles in quite a few Cannabis products, but provides excellent tinctures infused with both CBD and THC, all of which are available on our shelves.

Another favorite is Mindy’s Edibles, which consist of a variety of chocolates, baked goods, fruit chews, gummies, and hard sweets. These edibles work well as desserts and are infused with clear distillate for a more balanced taste. 

Our Best Selling Topicals

If you’re looking for a CBD infused topical to apply to your skin, look no further than our best selling product of BASKiN. Maybe you’re looking for a potent 400mg Wellness Cream? Or maybe you’d prefer a more relaxed 50 mg Lavender Bath Bomb to soak in the tub with? 

Whatever kind of topical you might need, whether it be a cream, balm or a bath bomb, it’s on our shelf. 

Shop With ReLeaf

Wondering where to buy cannabis in Las Vegas? ReLeaf is a 24-hour dispensary. As the closest dispensary to the Las Vegas Strip, ReLeaf is a convenient and great option for your cannabis needs. 

You can come and pick up a product whenever you need it. We even offer a rideshare and delivery service that comes to you. 

After all, we have a wide selection of products, including many bestsellers, so if you want to visit one of the best vegas dispensaries, pay us a visit! 

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