Las Vegas ReLeaf October Staff Spotlight

Las Vegas ReLeaf October Staff Spotlight

Las Vegas ReLeaf marijuana dispensary would not be the same without our amazing staff members who work hard everyday to bring relief to local and traveling medical marijuana patients. The budtenders, cashiers, delivery agents, and more provide our patients with the compassion, knowledge, and “releaf” they need. This month we would like to highlight Las Vegas ReLeaf dispensary staff person Tandice McGee, who brings positive energy and care to every patient she meets. Her initiative and compassion make her stand out as an outstanding member of the Las Vegas ReLeaf family.

Las Vegas ReLeaf October Staff Spotlight – Tandice McGee

Tandice Mcgee, a cashier at Las Vegas ReLeaf, is the last person our patients speak with during their visits to our medical marijuana dispensary. Tandice is a vital member of the team. She informs patients of upcoming events, asks for feedback on our services, and encourages patients to speak out about the benefits of medical marijuana provided by Las Vegas ReLeaf.

Experience at Las Vegas ReLeaf

Tandice plays a huge role in providing optimal customer service to each and every patient as a medical marijuana dispensary staff person. As the last person a patients speak with before leaving our dispensary, she takes the time to get feedback and speak out about how patients can support ReLeaf and the medical marijuana industry. Her role here is essential because the information she gathers helps us to determine how effectively we are helping the medical marijuana community.  

Tandice is known for her ability to help others. She loves providing assistance to people who truly need it. When the opportunity to work in the medical marijuana industry arose, she brought in her resume.

From day one, Tandice has been an important member of the Las Vegas ReLeaf family. Tandice knew before she started here that we are among the best and most organized medical marijuana dispensaries in Las Vegas. From the first time she visited our dispensary, it was obvious that we were the right ourlet for her passion to help others find relief.

Experience in the Medical Marijuana Industry

Coming from a background in beauty, Tandice has always been interested in using natural products for body health and beauty. Then she discovered the natural healing powers of marijuana. After high school, Tandice began experiencing chronic stress, pain, and trouble sleeping. After learning about the benefits of medical marijuana, she knew it could benefit her own medical conditions and others.  

Tandice’s goal these days is to continue learning about the benefits of medical marijuana, and providing this information to patients who can benefit from medical marijuana like she has.

Passion for Helping Others

What Tandice likes best about being about working at Las Vegas ReLeaf  is daily interactions with the patients and having co-workers who are incredibly knowledgeable about medical marijuana. She has learned so much already. She describes the daily interaction with the patients as “amazing.” Everyday is different and brings in different patients with different circumstances, but no matter what happens, “It is always lovely on Paradise.”

When Tandice isn’t working at Las Vegas ReLeaf, she is still taking the time to help the people in her life who matter most—her family. Tandice loves to spend time with her mom and brothers and to help the people closest to her whenever they need it.

Tandice is excited for the future of Las Vegas ReLeaf and the marijuana industry. As stigma continues to subside, people with serious medical conditions are finally getting the relief they need. Stop by to visit us seven days a week, just 500 feet from the Las Vegas Strip. ,

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