Las Vegas ReLeaf March Staff Spotlight: Marcus Lehner

Las Vegas ReLeaf March Staff Spotlight: Marcus Lehner

The team at Las Vegas ReLeaf is dedicated to serving the community 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In an effort to acknowledge the hard work of our dedicated staff, we are bringing back our monthly staff spotlight. This month, we are honoring our Lead Dispensary Agent: Marcus Lehner.

Marcus Lehner: The Leading Dispensary Agent at Las Vegas ReLeaf

As the Lead Dispensary Agent, Marcus is in charge of training new staff members and transferring his knowledge about the cannabis products and the industry as a whole. Marcus helps users find the right product from different strains of marijuana to cooking with cannabis; he’s the best when it comes to expediting sales capabilities. Marcus is in charge of ensuring the day-to-day operations at this Nevada dispensary run smoothly.

Reason he joined the Las Vegas marijuana industry

Marcus started as a union bartender on the Strip, so a transition to our Strip dispensary was not difficult. Before the legalization of recreational marijuana in Nevada, Marcus knew of the industry and was drawn by a passion for understanding the scientific methodologies behind cannabis. He’s fueled by his desire to help others and finds comfort in providing his customers with ways to cope with pain and ailments in ways alcohol could never offer.

With his knowledge and drive, Marcus could work for any recreational marijuana dispensary, but he chooses to work at ReLeaf. He sites the people he works with as the best part of working here. He describes his staff as family and appreciates their combination of professionalism and fun in the workplace.

The future of the Las Vegas marijuana industry

Marcus is confident Las Vegas ReLeaf is heading to the top of the marijuana industry in Las Vegas. With a dedicated staff and excellent investors, there’s no reason not to be flourishing in this industry. He compares the future of marijuana in Las Vegas to Amsterdam in terms of exposure with marijuana consumption lounges possibly on the horizon.

He believes, “As long as the federal government allows progress, we can treat responsibly.” Regulating cannabis is very similar to regulating alcohol, except marijuana has healing elements that can be marketed as medicine. Marcus strongly believes the respected and responsible people should have no problems with cannabis.

Stop by Las Vegas ReLeaf to Visit Marcus

Did you know Marcus survived a 40-foot fall at the age of 13? As the leading dispensary agent, Marcus is humbled to provide the details of all of our products to help you find relief. He knows the vital disparity between wants and needs.  Learn more about our marijuana dispensary to find all your recreational wants and medical needs.,

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