Las Vegas ReLeaf July Staff Spotlight

Las Vegas ReLeaf July Staff Spotlight

The Las Vegas ReLeaf team compiles many knowledgeable, friendly and compassionate people dedicated to helping medical marijuana patients get the medicine they need to feel better. Each month, we will highlight a member of the team that goes above and beyond with their job duties and care for the patient.

Las Vegas ReLeaf July Staff Spotlight – Donato Faoro

This month, Donato Faoro was selected for his continuous effort and initiative to the Las Vegas ReLeaf dispensary and patients. Donato is known for creating a culture of pride and respect at Las Vegas ReLeaf, always putting customer service first and asking “How can we make this better?” His initiative, dedication and customer service make him deserving of formal recognition in the Las Vegas ReLeaf staff spotlight.

Experience at Las Vegas ReLeaf

Donato Faoro oversees and leads the delivery team at Las Vegas ReLeaf. From first phone call to final delivery, he makes sure everything gets done in a speedy and professional manner. With an easy five-minute phone call and delivery usually within the hour, the Las Vegas ReLeaf delivery team is available to all local patients. Donato is there throughout the entire process, stepping in to help the team where help is needed.
Donato explains how the delivery team really includes a little bit of every aspect of the shop, from patient verification to budtending and delivery. Because the patients cannot see the product over the phone, it is important to be well-versed and knowledgeable on the marijuana products available. Many of these patients are elderly or have a disability that makes it difficult to travel to the dispensary so “the same great service we provide here we also have to take it on the road.”
Working for the Las Vegas ReLeaf marijuana dispensary has been a great experience for Donato. He explains that building this kind of family in the medical marijuana community really starts from ownership on down. The owners at Las Vegas ReLeaf are community leaders who got into the business to help people after their own personal experiences with the benefit of medical marijuana.
Donato explains, “Cannabis has touched their lives in a personal way,” which really sets the tone for the culture and community at Las Vegas ReLeaf. He goes onto say, “I’ve been to quite a few shops around town but what’s specials about Las Vegas ReLeaf is the people.”
And that is what Donato loves most about working at Las Vegas ReLeaf—the people. The culture at Las Vegas ReLeaf includes the owners, staff, and more importantly, the patients. Donato states, “It’s fun when you can be partially responsible for putting a smile on someone’s face or making their day better.” At Las Vegas ReLeaf, the patient always comes first.

Experience in the Medical Marijuana Industry

After seeing misinformation spread about marijuana for so many years, Donato was inspired to jump into the marijuana industry. As a musician, he would listen to the lyrics from some of his favorite bands, and he began to wonder if the government and media reports about marijuana were lies. Through his own research, Donato determined that medical marijuana could actually help him with his medical ailments and provide more relief than prescription drug alternatives.
Once Donato entered the medical marijuana community, he began providing delivery services to patients with current medical marijuana cards but who couldn’t grow their own marijuana. During this time, he got to know the medical marijuana community and was proud to provide help to elderly patients who really need this medicine.
As Donato relays, “It really hooked me on the whole thing… [I’m] really just trying to fight the good fight.” He was excited to get out there to actually help patients improve their health with medical marijuana, and he took that excitement all the way to Las Vegas ReLeaf’s doorstep.

Passion for Music and the Future

In his free time, Donato’s passion in life is for music. He is a humble musician, but his music has been heard in television and movies alike. He has a home recording studio, where he loves to get into the music and really get creative.
Donato is looking forward to the future wherein the marijuana industry is wide open while Las Vegas ReLeaf maintains their excellent quality of service no matter what. And for Donato, the future looks bright.
At Las Vegas ReLeaf, we all strive to provide the same level of care and customer service that Donato shows in his work. Visit us seven days a week for the highest quality customer service and medical marijuana.,

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