Is Two Roots Brewing, the World’s First Non-Alcoholic Cannabis Infused Craft Beer the First of Many?

Is Two Roots Brewing, the World’s First Non-Alcoholic Cannabis Infused Craft Beer the First of Many?

How about this one: would you drink a cannabis infused coke?

Beverage heavyweights like Coca Cola are vigorously investigating entry into the cannabis industry. Bloomberg, NBC and many major news outlets are abuzz over the recent news that Coca Cola is in talks to produce cannabis infused products. Just the blurb alone sent Aurora Cannabis stocks soaring up 16.88%.

Cannabis is opening new growth opportunities for traditional and new beverage makers looking for the next trend in consumer tastes, especially as legalization spreads across the states and new marijuana users look for social ways to consume their recreational favorites. Companies in the beverage and cannabis industry are trying a little bit of everything, from nonalcoholic cannabis infused beer, wine and champagne with THC to THC cold brew coffee.  

It’s likely that THC and CBD infused drinks are about to show up everywhere. These new drinks are infused with cannabidiol, aka, CBD, a non-psychoactive component in marijuana, an ingredient in what are called “functional wellness beverages.” CBD, which does not produce a high for the user, has been used for medical purposes, including easing inflammation, pain, and nausea. The soft drink giant is reportedly in talks with a Canadian company called Aurora Cannabis, Inc. Is this a best choice for Coke and other soft drink companies? Time will certainly tell, but on first blush the answer appears to be, “No.”

Whether you realize it or not, marijuana is big business. And the biggest beverage players in the $600 billion dollar beverage industry, have taken notice. More and more have or are stoking rumors of jumping on the cannabis beverage wagon.

The branding power of Coke, Pepsi, and a couple other big-name soft drink companies is making news but in the next few months retailers such as Las Vegas ReLeaf are going to see a continued roll out of more and more beverages from Beer, Mocktails, Coffee, Tea to other types of non-alcoholic CBD and THC infused beverages.

Although Coke might be well positioned to capture THC beverage market share, cannabis and beer makers like Two Roots Brewing probably sit in a better overall position. For Coke, moving into this market sector carries reputational risk.  On top of that Coke cannot risk damage to its six-billion dollar a year company. Cannabier maker Two Roots Brewing has established a one year global head start, and potentially three year U.S. head start in the space and can potentially win just by being first to market with great tasting, lifestyle integrated products that support emerging beverage trends with products that consumers already know and consumer regularly.  

Established niche products already existing in the cannabis industry and with rapid production scale up they are well positioned to own the market well before global beverage conglomerates such as Coke, Inbev/AB, Diageo, Heineken and Constellation can enter the U.S. Market. As companies, brands and products such as Two Roots Brewing are building the specific cannabis market and consumer understanding to build brand awareness and consumer loyalty through their high quality cannabis infused beverage platforms.

The future is already at Las Vegas ReLeaf where customers are  enjoying the world’s first Cannabis Infused Craft Beer.

The space for cannabidiol based drinks is quickly evolving and while Coke is the biggest named soft drink company to possibly produce a THC beverage, it is not the first. In fact, ReLeaf’s Two Roots Brewing is the first cannabis infused Cannabier company, and the one other companies are keeping an eye on.

As alcohol and beverage companies explore adding cannabis to drinks, it’s a fortunate thing that Cannabiniers via their Two Roots Brewing brand is already here at ReLeaf. We are leading the charge to further normalize the cannabis consumption through lifestyle integrated products.

Las Vegas ReLeaf, has proudly embraced our position as the Worlds First Retailer to offer CANNABIS INFUSED CRAFT BEER “Cannabier”, by Two Roots Brewing. If you haven’t tried ReLeaf’s Two Roots Brewing yet, find out why it’s become a favorite for an ever increasing number of cannabis consumers.  

Our customers trust us because our products are safe, lab-tested, legal, and locally-sourced. Premium high quality and great taste are the hallmarks we enjoy providing and we cherish the unique opportunity to lead by example when it comes to offering the market cannabis infused products that integrate with our customers, their lives and their needs. We all know the dangerous and deadly effects of alcohol versus the safety and benefits of cannabis. Cannabis beer is the future of safer beverages.

Two Roots is Nevada’s first Cannabier sold exclusively at Las Vegas’ ReLeaf.

This beer is special. We’ll break it down for you here:

Two Roots Brewing, the world’s first non-alcoholic cannabis infused craft beer “CannaBier” beer:

  • Good-for-You
  • Lifestyle Integrated
  • High-Quality
  • Cannabis Infused
  • Non-Alcoholic
  • Southern California Born

Unlike other companies, Two Roots Brewing has a variety of styles to align with consumer preferences, Lager, Ale, IPA, Wheat, Stout or Tribute (cannabis flavored) that will provide alcoholic onset and dissipation.

What’s so special about Two Roots Brewing is that they’ve combined a passion for all things craft with science, innovation, and social responsibility to create a new class of adult beverage, poised to change the beer and cannabis industry forever.

At Las Vegas ReLeaf, we work hard to make every recreational marijuana consumer and patient comfortable and cared for. Our friendly and knowledgeable dispensary agents guide you to the best products custom tailored to your needs.

In addition to our tremendous selection of medical cannabis treatments, partaking in Two Roots has to be the most revolutionary thing recently offered to medical marijuana consumers.,

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