Have Questions About Ordering Cannabis Online? Call Our Budtenders For a Consultation!

Have Questions About Ordering Cannabis Online? Call Our Budtenders For a Consultation!

We know the recent developments and announcements by Governor Steve Sisolak in light of the COVID-19 pandemic can feel a little daunting. Especially for those who are in need of cannabis for medicinal or recreational purposes. Las Vegas ReLeaf, alongside other dispensaries in Las Vegas, are considered essential businesses. We are happy to be able to provide our valued customers with the products they want during these challenging times. Las Vegas ReLeaf will continue to operate our online menu and delivery service.

With this new change to operate fully online, we know there may be some questions about our services and products. To better serve you, we have a consultation line that you can call if you have any questions regarding the online ordering process and information on our selection of products. Dispensaries like our Las Vegas strip dispensary are staffed by brilliant budtenders, people who know everything you’ll ever need to know about cannabis and who will be able to guide you through every step of your online shopping experience. 

Our staff members will be fully dedicated to helping you out with anything you need to know and will do their utmost to find the best products to suit your needs and preferences. Having a vague idea of what you’re looking for in the following areas should help your budtender to find the perfect cannabis product for your delivery order.

Do You Need to Be Discreet?

For those with roommates or living with a significant other, you may be considering products that are discreet and don’t leave behind a cannabis smell or smoke. You need to be respectful and courteous to others around you when using cannabis while social distancing. It’s always best to try to find something that works for everyone. If you need a discrete form of cannabis, let your budtender know. They’ll be able to recommend options like edibles, beverages, or topicals. If you have a favorite brand or flavor, be sure to let them know so they can check what’s in stock! You can also view our online menu here to learn more about which products we are currently carrying.

Is Your Use Going to Be Medicinal?

If you’re seeking out cannabis for medicinal purposes, let your budtender know and give them a little insight into the condition. The budtenders at our Las Vegas dispensary already have a profound understanding of common conditions that cannabis may help to treat, so they will immediately be able to make recommendations for the products that could benefit you best. What is ideal for one condition, may not be ideal for another. For example, if you’re looking to relieve symptoms of anxiety, they may recommend a CBD-rich product. If you’re looking for physical pain relief, you might want to try out transdermal products for use in the affected area.

How Do You Plan to Consume Your Cannabis?

Cannabis can be consumed in different ways. Las Vegas ReLeaf will be able to provide you with high-quality cannabis to suit your preferences. The most common means of consuming your cannabis, of course, is smoking flower. As you know, this isn’t your only option. You can try edibles, beverages, tinctures, concentrates, and you can even vape cannabis. No single method is any “better” than any other. Which best suits you will fall entirely down to you as an individual. If you have a strong preference or aversion to any method of consumption, let your budtender know and they can make another suggestion.

How Long Do You Want the Effects to Last?

How long your cannabis effects last will largely come down to the strain you choose, the way you consume it and your dosage. This, of course, is a lot to take into consideration and can require complex calculations to get perfectly right. No need to stress yourself out over it. Instead, call for a consultation with one of our budtenders. They can guide you on suitable products and even assist with dosing instructions if you are new to cannabis.

A Final Note

We appreciate the outpouring support from our customers. Our team is working diligently to provide you with the best online ordering and delivery service. Our budtenders are here to help and answer any questions you may have! You can place your order by visiting our online cannabis menu. If you need to talk to someone or have a question about your order please call (702) 209-2400.

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