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Everything you need to know about Granddaddy Purple

When it comes to indica strains, there might not be a more popular or well-known cannabis than Granddaddy Purple strain. Granddaddy Purple strain is highly sought after on the West Coast thanks to its relaxing properties. If you’re looking for some of this strain in Las Vegas, allow Las Vegas ReLeaf to help you out. We have Granddaddy Purp along with plenty of other strains to choose from. Best of all we offer free delivery to many Vegas neighborhoods such as Summerlin, Anthem, Centennial Hill, Henderson, and Paradise! We make it as easy as possible to get your favorite strains quickly. We also are super flexible and are happy to offer carryout as well. If you’d prefer you can give us a call and pick it up curbside, or you can place your carryout order online as well.

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About This Strain

Granddaddy Purple strain was created by combining the potent Purple Urkle and Big Bud strains into one harmonious cannabis. As far as THC levels go, Granddaddy Purp doesn’t mess around. It usually contains around 20-26% THC, so newbies be careful. As far as how this bud looks, it definitely lives up to its name. Granddaddy Purp is marked by dense, dark purple buds with orange veins running through. A frosty white trichome layer completes the look. This is definitely one of the more beautiful looking strains out there.

The smoking experience is, of course, just as delightful as you would think. For aroma, expect a sweet, yet earthy berry aroma. As with most purple strains, the flavor will also be plenty sweet with hints of grape and pin flavors permeating through. As one of the most relaxing strains out there, this smooth and pleasant smoking experience only adds to the chill factor of Granddaddy Purp strain.

Another benefit of this strain is that it typically has a 1% CBD concentration, so you’ll get the added benefit of CBD when you smoke this wonderful strain. CBD is known to alleviate mental disorders, help reduce inflammation, possibly lessen the effects of chemo, and much more. Combining THC and CBD is a great way to maximize your medicinal benefits when smoking. 

What Are the Effects?

Granddaddy Purple strain is one of the most relaxing strains out there, plain and simple. As an indica, you can expect Granddaddy Purp to put your body in a total state of ease. Initially, you might notice a combination of a head high with your body high, but that head high quickly gives way to a full body high. Enjoy as your body sinks into the couch and you experience total tranquility. Needless to say, when you’re enjoying this strain you won’t be too active. 

In addition to being a total relaxant, this strain is also known to make users happy and euphoric, so enjoy the high as you wind down for the day. The laid back nature of this strain means its best enjoyed in the late evening, when you don’t plan on doing much else for the night. Settle in to watch a movie or some TV, enjoy a nice hot cup of tea, take a warm bath, or even settle in with an easygoing book. This strain also can make a tired user plenty sleepy, so don’t be afraid to smoke a little bit before bed to get yourself ready for a restful sleep.

With that being said, don’t forget that this is a potent bud. Start slow so it doesn’t sneak up on you. It’s best to get a good gauge of your tolerance so that you can be as comfortable as possible when enjoying this strain.

Known Benefits

As with any indica, Granddaddy Purple is said to be especially beneficial amongst medicinal users. The combination of the indica effects with the added CBD makes this a favorite amongst people with various conditions. Users report that the hyper relaxing effect of this bud is great for those suffering from arthritis, inflammation, and other chronic pain issues. It’s also great at helping to settle the mind, so people with large amounts of stress and anxiety might find this helps them relieve their worries for a while and live more in the moment. Those suffering from insomnia might also find that these help to induce sleep. Finally, those who are needing help to kickstart their appetite might find this to be the perfect solution in helping induce hunger. 

Of course, as with any bud, results might vary but the heavy indica-forward nature of this hybrid is a pretty safe bet for those suffering from aches and pains.

Granddaddy Purple Flower and Pre-Rolls

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