Fight for Your Cannabis Education with the Budtender Fight Club

Fight for Your Cannabis Education with the Budtender Fight Club

As the marijuana industry in Nevada expands, the need for an educated workforce needs to accompany the expansion. A variety of jobs in the cannabis industry exist, but it’s difficult to break into the industry. Cannabis advocate, Jason Sturtsman, founded the Budtender Fight Club to provide cannabis education to those interested in entering the marijuana industry.

Cannabis Education 101 at the Budtender Fight Club

The Budtender Fight Club started October 2017 on a Sunday in a classroom of nearly 100 people. The purpose was simple: to educate people interested in cannabis with an affordable training program. Since then, the Budtender Fight Club hosts lessons every other Sunday surrounding a variety of cannabis topics presented by experts in the field.

The Budtender Fight Club was highlighted by High Times and reported on their efforts to educate Nevadans on the marijuana industry.

Becoming a budtender in Las Vegas

The Budtender Fight Club invites doctors and people working in the cannabis industry to cover a variety of topics from the basics of cannabinoids and terpenes to marijuana edibles. The demand for budtenders and other marijuana experts is on the rise as more dispensaries have surfaced in Las Vegas. Both people who live in Las Vegas and those who visit are accustomed to high-quality service from nightclubs and restaurants to dispensaries.

Cannabis education resources and classes

The cannabis education crash courses range from three to five hours and serve as a great way to find new hires. Experts in the industry use the Budtender Fight Club to scout for recruits. They look for people passionate about learning more about cannabis because it gives dispensary customers and patients a better experience.

The Budtender Fight Club offers affordable classes because they believe talented individuals shouldn’t have to pay hundreds of dollars for budtender certification programs to enter the marijuana industry. The classes are always fun and offer prizes along with educational information, resources, and job leads.

Recent Budtender Fight Club classes include:

  • Budtending Skills and Customer Service
  • Cannabis Science: Terpenes and Cannabinoids
  • Dispensary Basics (law, security, and HIPPA)
  • Healing with CBD with Trew Balance
  • How to Become a Lead Budtender with Addie Martin-Bondhus of The Dispensary

Visit Your Favorite Dispensary 500 Feet from Strip

At Las Vegas ReLeaf, we’re passionate about cannabis education and happy to welcome new recruits with knowledge from the Budtender Fight Club. Contact us to learn more about our Las Vegas dispensary.,

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