CNN Reports Marijuana Use Doubles

CNN Reports Marijuana Use Doubles

In the latest marijuana study, CNN found that marijuana use doubled in the last ten years. In Nevada alone, the marijuana industry grew significantly in the last year, notably with the opening of new medical marijuana dispensaries, like Las Vegas ReLeaf, across the state.

CNN reports that marijuana use increased dramatically in the last ten years – and not just for medical purposes. The study was based on interviews with more than 36,000 Americans over the age of 18. While some argue that the increase in marijuana use will lead to an increase of marijuana-related disorders, the study actually found the opposite.

The prevalence of marijuana disorders decreased over the last ten years as marijuana use increased. This study, along with many others, has contributed to the shifting attitude of marijuana use in the United States. A total of twenty-three states now allow medical marijuana, and 4 of those states allow recreational use as well. The study CNN reported emphasized the need for a balanced presentation of the consequences and use of marijuana for people and policy makers.
As attitudes shift and further evidence about increased use and medical benefits of marijuana surface, the industry (and Las Vegas ReLeaf) is looking towards a bright future. Las Vegas ReLeaf is on the leading edge of providing medical marijuana to patients in Nevada and who are visiting Las Vegas. The medical benefits of marijuana are well-documented and the citizens of America are beginning to speak louder about these benefits. They are beginning to give weed a chance without judgment of the stigma that’s been following marijuana for hundreds of years. Las Vegas ReLeaf is proud to be one of the first in Nevada fighting to make medical marijuana safe and legal to use.,

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