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Everything you need to know about Blue Dream

When it comes to famous buds, Blue Dream can definitely be considered a Hall of Fame hybrid. This California grown cannabis quickly gained notoriety over the years and has been one of the most well-known strains out there ever since. Here at Las Vegas ReLeaf, we’re always stocking up on popular and beloved strains for our customers. If you’re looking for some Blue Dream, we’ve got you. We even offer free delivery to many Las Vegas neighborhoods such as Summerlin, Anthem, Centennial Hill, Henderson, and Paradise. This means you can get some Blue Dream strain delivered straight to your front door quickly and easily.

If you’re out and about, feel free to contact us and place an order for carryout. We’ll bring it right to your vehicle curbside. If you’re ready to order some Blue Dream cannabis for yourself, just click the button below and place an order. If you’d like to learn more about this famous cannabis, keep on reading the blog below!

About This Strain

Blue Dream strain is a potent combination of the Blueberry and Haze strains. It quickly reached legendary status on the West Coast and tons of members of the medical and recreational marjiuana community claim this as their favorite weed. This hybrid combines the best of both sativa and indica worlds with a nearly even 50/50 split between the two, though it slightly favors the sativa side.

As far as THC concentration goes, this strain is no slouch. Typically, you can expect the THC to be anywhere between 17-24% and the CBD to be about 2%. Also, Blue Dream strain has a 1% CBN content. 

Visually, Blue Dream more than lives up to its name. The buds tend to have a dreamy blue hue, with nearly neon green leaves and amber hairs. This definitely gives it a striking appearance that stands out from the crowd. Of course, this appearance would make you assume that you’d get similar flavors and aromas. With Blue Dream strain, this assumption would be correct.

When you break down Blue Dream, you’ll notice a distinctly sweet and berry-tinged aroma. You may even catch some notes of vanilla in there. Flavor wise, those who are expecting a taste of blueberry won’t be disappointed. This sugary sweet bud comes with sweet berry flavors and a thick, creamy smoke. In short, this cannabis provides a very relaxed smoking experience.

What Are the Effects?

There’s a reason that Blue Dream strain has a dedicated fanbase. The high is typically very enjoyable and versatile. The dream part of this bud’s name might make you assume that it would make you drowsy and sleepy, but it’s quite the opposite. The sativa side of this strain comes up quick, and instead offers you the creativity you might get in dreams. First, you’re likely to notice a quick headrush, a cerebral high, and a boost in mood and creative vibes. Shortly after, your body may begin to relax and tensions will melt away.

Despite the fact that your body will feel calm and relaxed, you won’t feel drowsy with this cannabis. You’ll probably want to get something done, as you may notice an increase in focus. The combination of focus and creativity makes this strain perfect for getting over creative blocks, watching an engaging movie or reading an engaging book, having conversations with friends, or just getting things done in general.

Due to the energizing nature of this strain, we recommend smoking it in the morning or daytime for best results. Smoking it before bed might lead to you being unable to fall asleep until the high wears off. New smokers and those with low tolerance also might want to take it easy when smoking this potent bud. The strain is fairly potent and the high can sneak up on you, so just make sure to pace yourself!

Experienced Benefits

Of course, Blue Dream strain has plenty of medicinal benefits as well. The uplifting mood and added focus is great for helping with depression, PTSD, ADD, fatigue, and more. The indica components are also great for those who are dealing with pain, inflammation, and headaches.

Blue Dream strain does have potent sativa components, which means those with low tolerance might get some mindrace and paranoia. For that reason, those with anxiety might be better off looking for a different strain that offers a more mellow head high. Make no mistake, if you’re trying to focus and get things done, Blue Dream will do you a lot of favors.

Blue Dream has the added benefit of having decent levels of both CBD and CBD, meaning you get all the medical benefits that come with these. Those with chronic aches and pains typically find the most benefits from CBD and CBN. In the end, Blue Dream is something you’ll definitely have to try for yourself to see if it’s effective at relieving your individual medical conditions and ailments.  

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