Big Pharma’s Attempt at Making Medical Marijuana-based Drugs

Big Pharma’s Attempt at Making Medical Marijuana-based Drugs

The cannabis industry is making a big splash in the medical world. With so many medical ailments and conditions marijuana can effectively treat, many people are turning their backs on pharmaceuticals for a more natural alternative. In response, the pharmaceutical industry is looking for a way to make a profit and not lose any more customers. They’ve created a handful of synthetic marijuana pharmaceuticals, five of which we will discuss here.


Sativex is a mouth spray with cannabis extracts rich in THC and CBD. The spray is commonly used for neuropathic pain and patients with MS.


The commonly known cannabis-based drug is really called Droperidol but is marketed and trademarked as Marinol. The drug is in capsule form and contains synthetic THC. As an appetite stimulant for patients with AIDS, Marinol is commonly prescribed to cancer patients with nausea and vomiting.


Similar to Marinol, Nabilone is a capsule that contains synthetic cannabinoids similar to THC. The product just mimics the effects of THC, without any actual THC properties. It is also used to treat nausea and vomiting in cancer and AIDS patients.


Dexanabinol is a capsule with synthetic cannabis that is non-psychoactive. It is used after cardiac surgery and to protect the brain and help to regain memory and other high-functions following traumatic brain injuries. It is not currently approved for use, though.


Cannabinor was developed to help people suffering with hypertension and anti-inflammation. The synthetic chemical is supposed to bind to the brain’s secondary cannabinoid receptor but is not currently approved for use.
These aren’t the only cannabis-based drugs pharmaceutical companies are rushing to develop. In fact, there are a handful of other synthetic marijuana drugs that are not currently approved for use. These drugs are mostly synthetic and come with a possibility of many negative side effects that won’t come with real medical cannabis.
After all, why change something when the original is already extremely effective and comes with very little negative side effects? Big Pharma is always looking for new ways to make money. They are just attempting to exploit cannabis chemically and find new ways to get people hooked on their synthetic drugs.
If you don’t want to be another Big Pharma customer but need effective relief for your medical condition, give medical marijuana a chance. You won’t be hooked on a synthetic substance with unknown side effects, but you will find the relief you need. Stop by Las Vegas ReLeaf medical marijuana dispensary, or order online to see a wide selection of medical cannabis used for a variety of medical conditions.

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